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Insta-Success: Instagram Marketing Tips – Part 1

Instagram has become an increasingly popular tool for marketing professionals and companies to use over the last few years. With more than 1 billion monthly users, the photo-sharing platform is a prime way to connect with potential and current customers. Even if you and your business have a presence on Instagram, you may not be using the platform to its fullest potential. With that in mind, we’re going to dive into some tips on how to have more success on Instagram in this new three-part series.

Utilize User-Generated Content (UGC). Brand awareness is key to growing your consumer base. That’s where user-generated content comes into play. With UGC, you’ll curate and share content that others have created that are pertinent to your brand or showcase your product. Not only will UGC promote your company by way of word-of-mouth, but it’ll also mandate you interact frequently with others on the platform as you get permission to repost photos, like posts that include your brand or product, etc. To make it easier for you to curate, inform users that if they want to be reposted by you, they need to use a specific hashtag.

Highlight New Products, Exciting Updates. Besides just posting relevant photos, you can also announce new products, share exciting updates, hiring news, and more, all through your images, videos, and Instagram Stories. By keeping your Instagram current and updated with your company’s news, it’ll become an extension of your business and marketing campaigns and further your branding efforts. If you have an event happening, consider posting on your Instagram Story about it or go Live on Instagram during the event.

Offer Deals/Giveaways. Many giveaways and deals on Instagram are driven by users. You can offer prizes to those who take the best photo of themselves using your product, share coupon codes with your followers to reward them for their business and loyalty, and offer other deals to those who engage with you on Instagram. Make sure that you include a call-to-action that users can easily follow or do in relation to your deal or giveaway. And be certain that for whatever deal or giveaway you offer, the parameters are clear and you follow through on whatever is promised — otherwise, you’ll end up hurting your reputation and possibly losing followers on Insta.

Consider starting to use some of these tips in your Instagram marketing efforts and come back next month to read the second part of this series!

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3 Millennial Mobile Marketing Tips

With millennial and college-age consumers, it’s all about the mobile experience and making sure you’re reaching them where and how they are most often. That’s why thinking about how your marketing efforts come across on mobile devices is so crucial — and here are some things to keep in mind to make sure you and your business are mobile-ready.

1. Is your website mobile-friendly? You don’t want to limit what will show up on phones as many of your potential millennial consumers or return customers will be engaging with your organization on their smartphones. Everything that shows up on your web when you look at it on a computer should be available and accessible through a mobile device as well. That being said, you don’t want your site to take a long time to load so it’s worth investing some time and resources into establishing faster mobile loading times. From browsing to actually buying, you need to ensure your website users can easily navigate and shop on your site from their phones or you may lose business. Additionally, having content that’s interesting, catches the eye, and sized correctly for any mobile screen will go a long way.

2. Are you on social media? Your company needs to have the works: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn — even Pinterest, Reddit, and YouTube may be beneficial depending on your industry. Social media makes up a huge part of what millennials do or look at on their phones — so posting consistently, interacting with followers, and optimizing your profiles and pages will help you reach your target demographic, no matter what device they may be using. A great way to gain more followers and likes to your social media accounts is to advertise that your company offers discounts or promotional codes to those connected with your organization on social media. Millennials love to get a deal and will be more likely to engage with your business if they may get some sort of coupon or freebie out of it!

3. Are you blatantly advertising or trying to sell something? If so, you may want to change up your methods. With the overwhelming majority of Gen Y-ers owning smartphones, and growing up with them, they are less likely to trust traditional advertising and will respond better to collaborative efforts, native advertising, or more covert brand and product placements. Consider using User-Generated Content (UGC) in marketing campaigns, partnering with an influencer, or sponsorship of something in line with your business that will allow you to get your company name out there in a more discrete and less salesman-like way.

Use these three tips to better your mobile marketing efforts to millennials — while you may not see radical changes or increases in your engagement or sales right away, they will definitely improve your company’s standing with that key demo in the long-term.

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5 Facebook Marketing Tips to Know

While other social media sites are popular today, Facebook is still a key site to utilize when it comes to marketing to millennials. So how can you be sure you are maximizing the reach your Facebook marketing has? Read these tips and implement them into your Facebook marketing strategy!

Post with Purpose. Don’t just post for the sake of keeping your feed or page updated with fresh content. Every post you make is a reflection of your business and brand and should be made with that in mind. Be aware of how you are communicating with your target demographic and consider boosting posts if needed to expand your reach. Facebook Insights can help you figure out when and what you should be posting to make the most of your marketing efforts on the site.

Create a Calendar. Part of posting with purpose means planning ahead — and an easy way to stay on top of that is by creating a content calendar to track your posts and marketing campaigns. Websites like Buffer or Hootsuite can be wonderful tools if you are trying to schedule posts on multiple social media sites and allow you to conveniently track all your marketing in one place. However, you’ll still need to monitor your posts and make sure you are engaging with your audience, something not always as easily done when you’re not on Facebook itself.

Update Your Facebook Story. With the recent introduction of Stories to Facebook, a new method of interacting with your audience and keeping them up to date on your business has emerged. Facebook Stories has made posting more casual, as what is posted there doesn’t necessarily have to be as on-brand or company-specific as regular posts. Instead, interesting links, funny memes, cool photos, etc., can be posted to your Story and keep your target demographic engaged, possibly leading to more clicks and views of your company’s profile or page.

Boost Some Posts. Boosted posts allow you to expand the audience of your posts and target a specific demographic at a small cost. All you have to do to boost a post is set your target audience and your budget — and you’ll see a good number more clicks and overall increase your business and brand’s visibility on Facebook. For larger campaigns, you’ll want to go through Facebook Ads Manager and put a bit more thought into your campaign and strategy.

Optimize Your Page. Make sure your Facebook business page is well organized, updated, and easy to navigate and find information. You want millennials to have an effortless and enjoyable experience on your page, which will encourage them to come back and utilize your Facebook profile to interact with your company. For inspiration, look at other business pages on Facebook and see how they organize their pages — then pick and choose your favorite features to roll out on your own organization’s page.

Facebook marketing can be a great way to reach and interact with your millennial audience — so follow these tips for success in your marketing efforts on Facebook!

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How to Improve Your Marketing Efforts to College Students – Part 1

College students can be hard to market to successfully. That’s why you need to really tailor your marketing approach to that specific demographic when you want to appeal to them as a potential customer base. In this article, the first of a three-part series, we’re going to take a look at some of the best methods at your disposal for appealing to college students and getting them to engage with your company and products.

1. Get Social. This cannot be stressed enough. If your business does not have social media accounts on at least Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram, you should stop reading this article and go make company profiles on those sites right now. College students are increasingly connected via online platforms and you need to maximize your presence on the sites to engage and influence the demographic. Other sites that can be useful tools as well include Google+, YouTube, Tumblr, Pinterest, Snapchat, and Reddit.

Once you’ve got accounts on these sites, keep them updated with fresh content. Promote your business but don’t limit yourself to just self-promo. Share interesting articles, videos, links, etc., with those who like or follow you, even if they’re not publicizing your business or products. Engage with your followers and be active. Let them know you care about them, their passions, and that you’re responsive and plugged in.

2. Keep It Short. College students are a lot like babies or puppies; their attention span isn’t all that long. Whenever you’re posting, emailing, or otherwise engaging in marketing efforts, keep your content short and snappy. You don’t need a lot of text to pack a punch; sometimes a meme with a one-liner or just a few sentences can really do the trick. You’ll find that less is more when it comes to drawing in college students’ interest and compelling them to learn more about your business and its offerings.

Consider eye-catching photos, inspirational quotes, or funny quips to set your posts apart and appeal to college students who will enjoy the fact that you’re interacting with them on their level and attempting to speak their language.

3. Mobile Matters. We’re living in the smartphone era; so if your content is not completely mobile-friendly and digestible, you’re going to miss out and drive away potential users and customers. Whatever you’re posting, promoting, and otherwise sharing should be able to be read on any and all devices. Think tablets, phones, and laptops. Make sure your content is optimized for mobile — and being on social media accounts and keeping your text short will only help users on phones and tablets take in your marketing campaigns.

Stay tuned for next month’s blog where this series will continue and we’ll impart more advice for marketing to college students, and in the meantime, start putting these tips into action!

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4 Resources to Use When Dealing with a Millennial Demographic

To be effective in communicating with a millennial consumer base, you need to be utilizing specific resources that will allow you to more readily be in contact with that demographic and appeal to them. Here are four resources you should be using when targeting millennials in your digital marketing strategies.

1. Blogging. Having a blog section on your website and keeping it fresh with new content is a great way to get your name and brand out there. Even just publishing a new blog post once a month can bring in new customers and draw traffic and attention to your company’s website. Additionally, if you implement some SEO practices, your content may end up ranked highly in a web search that leads users to your products and business. Aim to have more evergreen content on your blog so the bulk of your content doesn’t become dated — but a blog is a great place to post your press releases and news, too.

2. Press Releases. Press releases are some of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to quickly relay news to a large audience. Utilizing the idea of press releases can help you get news out in a timely manner and offer another means of getting your company’s name into the public’s minds. Further, your press release may be picked up by other websites or media and written about more expansively, which will only help you more broadly appeal to a millennial demographic and push your brand.

3. Social Media. When used correctly and productively, social media channels are great outlets to publicize your company and interact with existing and potential customers. Don’t just post your own content or push your products on your social media; share other interesting news, develop a voice, and be publicly present and available. That being said, you can post new blog articles on your social media to direct traffic to your blog and website at large. No matter your business, your company should have Facebook and LinkedIn pages and Twitter and Instagram accounts that you post on at least once a week to keep it active.

4. Email Marketing. Though no one, and especially not millennials, wants to be bombarded with emails or seemingly spammed by a company, email marketing can be useful when attempting to communicate with a millennial audience. Make sure you are sending an appropriate number of emails a week and that they have catchy headlines and interesting information within them to optimize your open and click rates and truly engage your recipients.

Of course, when utilizing these different resources, it’s important to keep in mind that many millennials will be reading your blog, interacting with your company on social media, and opening your emails on their phones. All your digital marketing strategies should be mobile-friendly so it’s easy for millennials to read and engage with your business from any piece of technology they may use. Keep these four resources in mind when considering how to communicate with a millennial demographic and you’ll be set!

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Why Social Media Marketing Is So Important to College Student Millennials

Utilizing social media in your marketing strategy when it comes to reaching college students and millennials is crucial. Social media and all its users greatly influence millennials when it comes to where they shop, the sites they click on, and what they buy. Here are three ways social media plays a role in millennial decisions.

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1. Recommendations by Peers.
What their peers are liking, where they’re shopping, and what they’re buying plays a big part in influencing what millennials ultimately buy or follow. According to research from Hubspot, 71% of people are more likely to make a purchase online if the product or service comes recommended by others. Recommendations from peers and industry influencers like blogger, Instagrammers, YouTubers, etc., can thereby translate to more customers interested in what you’re selling.
2. Employing User-Generated Content.
84% of millennials say UGC from strangers has at least some influence on what they buy. By seeing a product or service being used by a real person in an authentic way, it can really influence the millennial demographic and gain you more followers and users. Reach out to users creating content that you want to use for permission to use them on your company pages and then watch your numbers increase as users are more likely to then post reviews for your company, share photos, and otherwise engage with you.
3. Engagement by Company.
It’s not just advertising and promoting your company on social media that matters; it’s how you actually engage with your followers and customers, too. If your business has genuine interactions with users and followers on a more personal level, they are more likely to become brand loyal to you. Take part in conversations on sites like Facebook and Twitter and respond to users and followers individually to increase brand awareness and your company’s reputation.
Social media marketing plays a pivotal role when it comes to drawing in college student millennial customers, so use these tips to increase your company’s client base in that demographic!

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Interview with Natasha Koifman of NKPR

nkpr-public-relationsAs social media has become an increasingly important part of public relations, most of the best firms out there have learned to adjust. NKPR is no exception, and that’s probably why they landed at number 15 on our list of the top PR firms on social media this year. We asked Natasha Koifman and her team at NKPR to let us hear how they do social media, and what sets them apart as a brand.

For your clients, which social networks have been the most effective for PR?

At NKPR, we develop tailored strategies for each client that we represent from lifestyle to non-profit and corporate sectors. Based on their objectives and target audience, we recommend the social networks and programs that can best move their brand forward and tell their stories!

With that in mind, some of the best social tools out there right now include:

Twitter: We love Twitter because it allows us to create ongoing conversations with consumers, media and influencers alike. With daily trending topics, brands have the opportunity to form a lifestyle portal, contributing to discussions that are authentic to who they are and what they represent. The best brand messages are short, sweet and to the point and Twitter challenges us to stay true to that in 140 characters.

Facebook: With 1.5 billion users, Facebook still remains the social outlet with the largest audience and potential brand reach! For large-scale campaigns, Facebook offers an extensive range of customizable apps and advertising opportunities to really make a strong impact.

Instagram: With high engagement and a strong visual component, brands with a younger target demographic can build buzz and gain a strong following on Instagram. The mobile platform has been growing rapidly and shows no signs of slowing down, especially now with the introduction of video content.

How do you go about handling a social media PR campaign?

At NKPR, we have a unique approach. We always start off by asking our clients “What does success look like?”. Based on this, we build our social strategy and recommendations to align with those measures.

We provide a variety of social media services for our clients from social media audits that help to guide and evaluate their internal campaigns to full-scale community management and campaign development.

What advice would you give when it comes to using social media for a public relations campaign?

  • Take a 360-approach to the campaign, always looking at how social can push the envelope further
  • Know your audience and target them accordingly with the right message and social platform
  • Content is king and well-thought out creative campaigns will make a stronger impact then content for the sake of content
  • Establish an authentic brand voice, your social accounts should be a lifestyle portal and not overly promotional. Stay consistent

How would you recommend that a client handles a screw up on social media?

  • Be honest and forthcoming
  • Acknowledge the issue and present a solution
  • Make a quick and genuine apology, taking responsibility for the error
  • Address what went wrong and the steps your brand will take to ensure it doesn’t happen again

Do you have any social media success stories you’d like to share?

NKPR integrated a digital division ahead of the curve. We saw the PR landscape changing rapidly with the introduction of social networks like Facebook and Twitter and we wanted to be at the forefront for our clients.

We love that social media gives us the chance to connect with the public directly, something that happened primarily through media relations in the past. As a PR agency, we have built a following of 9000+ highly engaged users on Twitter and many more on our NKPR blog, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and more.

As an agency, we’ve established a strong and authentic brand voice on social media. Many of our new business now comes to us from social referrals and when we tweet or post about a product we love, our followers take notice. As a PR agency, we are now our own media outlet .

What do you think sets your company apart from your competitors?

  • Authenticity – Our brand voice and personality is at the core of everything we do and who we are as agency. When we say something on social, It is always authentic to our brand voice
  • Engagement – We have built a loyal following online over the years and engagement is very high. This means our posts can have a strong impact for our clients

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How One “Familia” at República Sets Them Apart

RepuÌ blica Team Photo

This week, we got the chance to hear more from the 20th most popular PR firm on social media, República. Like many of the top firms on our list, you’ll see that they emphasize an individualized approach, and work to develop lasting relationships with their clients. Their international expertise and top-notch team work together to provide the best possible social media work for their clients.

For your clients, which social networks have been the most effective for PR?

Depending on the campaign and the strategy, but often times, Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are the most common social platforms used for our clients.

How do you go about handling a social media PR campaign?

Each client’s needs are different. We work with our agency partners to determine the best approach for their brand based on their objectives. Our work ranges from basic account set up and branding of a social media profile to content creation, digital media strategy, and community management. For some client’s a hands on community management approach is beneficial, and with others, it’s more about providing strategic guidance in the space.

What advice would you give when it comes to using social media for a public relations campaign?

Social media is the most direct line of communication between a brand and a consumer. It’s paramount to understand that relationship. We recommend using social media channels as a vessel to listen to your audience, leverage that relationship to craft your brand’s story and always engage with followers, making them feel a part of the brand.

Social media also provides a medium to communicate news immediately. With today’s fast-paced news channels, it’s important for brands to leverage their social platforms to convey their message(s) quickly. This is especially important when planning campaigns or PR strategies regarding major announcements or dealing with crisis communications.

How would you recommend that a client handles a big screw up on social media?

It depends on the situation. If a client has tweeted something that was not factually correct or would like to retract a message, a good PR rule of thumb is, “Tell the truth, tell it all, tell it fast.” If you made a mistake, get out in front of it. An honest tweet or Facebook post can go a long way to repair any damage to public perception.

Do you have any social media success stories you’d like to share?

We recently worked with our client, Pernod Ricard Americas Travel Retail, on the launch of a new duty-free exclusive scotch whisky, the Chivas Brother’s Blend. República developed and executed a media relations campaign; social media strategy, content creation and community management for the brand’s Facebook page. Following a teaser campaign within the duty-free market and social media, we were able to garner more than 60,000 Facebook fans around this launch.

What do you think sets your company apart from your competitors?

República is a dream shop, built on guiding principles that stem to the core of our business practices. What sets us apart is our talented team members who are the bloodline of our agency, and without them we could not deliver the high-caliber work that help our clients succeed.

While there are many incredible companies in today’s marketplace, at República, we’re one familia, and that is rarity we hold as a cornerstone to “Who We R.”

If you know a PR firm who would like to offer their social media advice to other professionals, leave a comment or contact info@uwire.com to let us hear about it.

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Audible Treats: Social Media Music for Your Ears


Photo by Alexander Richter, used with permission from Audible Treats

The music industry has embraced social media more than almost any other, so it should come as no surprise that Audible Treats has a worthy presence on social media. In fact, they came in at #11 on our list of the top PR firms on social media this year, so  we got their perspective on what makes a social media campaign work. The following answers come from co-founder and president, Michelle McDevitt:

For your clients, which social networks have been the most effective for PR?

For my clients, most of whom are musicians, producers, rappers, singers, performers, Twitter and Facebook have proven been the most effective networks. Both Twitter and FB are easy for them to manage and update on their own and through them, they can extend their persona and brand with fans easily. More recently, Instagram and depending on their personality, Vine too, have become great tools for them too. Soundcloud and YouTube aren’t social media platforms but they have a similar metrics measuring component to them and they have proven to be indispensable to measure the efficacy of our campaigns.

How do you go about handling a social media PR campaign?

It depends from client to client. To be honest, most of our clients have a pretty good grasp on how to use social media so we usually only do light consulting in the form of passing along good press hits to share with fans, making sure they tag media publications when they tweet about their press hits, making sure their accounts aren’t auto-updating/syndicating across platforms (it’s lazy and can turn people off) teaching them the basics do’s and don’ts, etc. We sometimes come up with creative social media-driven contest and activation ideas to incentivize fans to become more involved and help spread the gospel too.

What advice would you give when it comes to using social media for a public relations campaign?

Don’t rely solely on social media to raise awareness and likewise, don’t ignore it. I consider social media to be complementary to a traditional PR campaign. There’s hundreds of blogs dedicated to “best practices” – read those and choose which ones apply best to your industry.

How would you recommend that a client handles a big screw up on social media?

Owning up to mistakes and apologizing for gaffes is usually the best way to handle them. I would also suggest a more extensive apology on the company blog or doing an interview after extensive media training.

Do you have any social media success stories you’d like to share?

Several of our clients have been trending topics on Twitter, Facebook Likes have doubled or even tripled within a month, we’ve launched several clients’ first interactive campaigns on their social media platforms that have resulted in increased sales, awareness, and an uptick in ancillary areas, such as new show bookings, getting higher profile mangers, getting record deals, etc.

What do you think sets your company apart from your competitors?

We get results in a variety of media platforms and clients can tell that we’re personally invested in our projects. We consult on everything from image to branding to asset roll-out and we have honest conversations with a client if something isn’t up to par and will ultimately hurt the campaign.

If you know a PR firm who would like to offer their social media advice to other professionals, leave a comment or contact info@uwire.com to let us hear about it.

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No Two Campaigns are Alike: rbb Public Relations and Social Media

playroomWith the #19 spot on our list of the top PR firms on social media, we were excited to hear what rbb Public Relations could tell us about how they find success through social media campaigns. Rather than have just one employee give us answers to our questions, rbb took a team-based approach that really drives home the point that individualized attention is a key trait of a successful public relations campaign.

For your clients, which social networks have been the most effective for PR?

Maite Velez-Couto, Vice President:

In simple terms, it depends.

Facebook continues to be a powerful tool to connect with currently engaged audiences and those that are already “fans” of the brands because they already love the product and are there to listen and engage – when done well. It works very well for our hotel brand clients. The platform gives us a forum to mine information to make the guest experience that much better, learn their needs on real time and offer meaningful rewards and insights. The conversation also informs the direction of future promotions.

We find Twitter more effective when trying to engage those that may not be as familiar with a brand or product. Also, the “simplicity” of the platform allows us to move more quickly and perhaps test things without committing too much time or resources. When used creatively, Twitter is also a great way to amplify the reach of a PR program like a media “Fam” trip to a resort or a product sampling tour.

Pinterest is a great place for our travel clients. It’s a strong traffic driver to the brand sites.

inspiration wall andrea and luisa

How do you go about handling a social media PR campaign?

Christine de la Huerta, Vice President:

This is not a one-size-fits all type of business. We manage these assignments in different ways, to adapt individually to client policies, comfort level and resources.

For some clients, we do it all: create content, handle engagement, manage the online communities and fully run their online channels, soup to nuts. For others, we may ramp it up for them, create a content calendar and engagement strategy, then conduct training for their communications staff to take it over and we hand it off. Still other clients have us create the content strategy and the proactive content on an ongoing basis, while they do the actual postings and engagement. In any of these scenarios, and all the hybrids in between, the most important step is to have a strategy, know your audience and provide value along the way.

What advice would you give when it comes to using social media for a public relations campaign?

Abdul Muhammad II, Vice President of Digital Development:

Let the PR team drive the social media!

You get the best results from an integrated communications campaign, when the message, distribution, and engagement takes place under one umbrella.
Be a #BreakoutBrand and use real-time data to better inform, connect and build long-lasting relations. The new PR is SOCIAL!

How would you recommend that a client handles a big screw up on social media?

Bruce Rubin, Crisis Communications Expert:

In any corporate crisis, one size doesn’t fit all, so variables always come into play. But generally, a social media gaffe can be covered with a swift and genuine apology. If this is done on a timely basis, there isn’t much detractors can continue to say.

Do you have any social media success stories you’d like to share?

Rafael Sangiovanni, Social Media Strategist:

We have several passionate pop culture geeks in the office, and there was a lightning in a bottle opportunity where we found a crossover between “Lord of the Rings,” public relations and social media trends.

We knew that infographics get shared on social media like wildfire, especially Twitter. So, when director Peter Jackson announced that he was making “The Hobbit” into a trilogy (a hugely heated topic at the time), our team whipped up an infographic calculating the potential amount of money the new trilogy could make per page of the book, based on the success of the original “Lord Of The Rings” movie series.

It was a unique angle on the conversation – something we always strive to find in PR – and that particular infographic was representative of the type of creative, out-of–the–box thinking rbb applies to all our client projects, while also showcasing our creative services capabilities.

To get the word out, we hit the pavement with search and response messaging, talking to film bloggers, LOTR book enthusiasts, pop culture aficionados, PR and marketing pros – the works. Because of that outreach on social media, the response to the post was so overwhelming that till this day – one year later – “The Hobbit” infographic remains one of our most viewed pieces of content, and it continues to drive traffic to rbb’s branded online channels.

What do you think sets rbb apart from your competitors?

Lisa Ross, President and Partner

Here are the top five reasons clients choose rbb (culled from interviews we conduct after every new business presentation):

  1. rbb dedicates the entire resources of the firm to one client in a category to share every opportunity we uncover, and provides up to 10% courtesy hours each month as part of our investment in growing our clients business.
  2. rbb delivers PR, B2B communications, digital/social media and graphic design, all in-house.
  3. rbb’s dedicated client teams are always led by a partner of the firm guaranteeing a level of accountability that will exceed client expectations. Our staff member’s average tenure exceeds eight years, meaning we deliver a team with deep knowledge and commitment to match.
  4. rbb tops off its strategic approach with smart execution, alliance building and realistic fee arrangements (no mark ups) to make clients’ budgets go further.
  5. rbb is a multicultural, four-time national PR Agency of the Year, recognized for pushing the creative and strategic envelope and driving meaningful client business results. We strive to continually set the standards for public relations success, with our work garnering Silver Anvils, Platinum PR Awards, and SABRE Awards in nearly every possible category including word of mouth, thought leadership, multicultural, cause-related, reputation management, community relations, B2B markeing, digital/social media, and more.

Bottom line… rbb is a marketing PR firm that offers the creativity and experience of a large agency, packaged as a cost-effective and nimble boutique agency. Our sweet spot derives from our Breakout Brands approach, which drives forward brands that want to challenge the segment and break out from traditional marketing techniques. We do whatever it takes to break through the information clutter, communicate with various audiences, and reinforce our passion for breaking goals and setting new standards of ROI.

If you know a PR firm who would like to offer their social media advice to other professionals, leave a comment or contact info@uwire.com to let us hear about it.

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