Engaging in Social Media Influencer Marketing – Part 2

By Elana Goodwin

The idea of influencer marketing on social media may still be pretty new but it’s an important tool your business should be using. As we started covering last month, there’s a lot to know about this unique realm of marketing so this month, we’re divulging some more tips on how to effectively engage in influencer marketing.

4. Make it worth their while. Many influencers receive multiple offers to push sponsored content and products to their followers — and while offering them free products or services may work for some, most prefer real dollars. Rates may vary and should depending on how big a following an influencer has but expect to pay out money for this type of marketing and not just free stuff, unless the influencer has a lesser following. Your influencer will work that much harder for you if you make it worth their while.

5. Count on Stories, not just posts. Particularly when it comes to Instagram, stories are an important component of user engagement. Make sure you ask your influencer to not just post about your business or product but that they do a Story about it as well. With Stories, your influencer can post multiple times in a series about whatever you’ve asked them to and they can collect data about views and actions credited to the Story.

6. Consider contests and giveaways. Having your influencer post about contests or giveaways from your business is a great way for your business to benefit. Everyone likes free stuff and if your influencer’s got a big following, you can guarantee that you’ll reap the rewards by sponsoring content that incentivizes social media users to follow or interact with your brand with the influencers acting as a sort of middleman.

Don’t miss our final three tips next month to ensure your influencer marketing experience is the best it can be!

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