Engaging in Social Media Influencer Marketing – Part 3

By Elana Goodwin

As we’ve said in our first two installments of this series, there’s a lot to know about influencer marketing. This month, we’ll cover a few final tips you should know about using influencers for marketing on social media.

7. Know that influencers aren’t just celebs. Unless you’re a huge brand with name recognition, don’t expect to entice a celebrity to push your brand on social media. Influencers do not have to be celebs to have a big following and to influence the masses to your benefit — and sometimes, it may be worthwhile to go for an influencer with a smaller following but who really would align with your business or product. By doing your research extensively, you can make sure your influencer is the right fit for you and more of a small-time celeb on social media to their followers.

8. Don’t expect miracles. It’s important to have realistic expectations about what your influencer can and will accomplish with their marketing efforts. You are probably not going to double your sales or engagement with a few posts from an influencer — but that’s not to say they won’t be effective. Set real goals that can be accomplished and measured and respect your influencer’s opinion and judgment; they likely know best.

9. Reflect and share feedback. After a campaign with an influencer, it’s important to reflect and share feedback on both sides. What does the influencer feel could work better if you continue collaborating in the future? How can their efforts be improved? Is the influencer you used the best person to work with or should your business explore other options? Think about how you want to proceed going forward based on this experience — and make sure both of you are open to constructive criticism.

Hopefully, this series gave you some great advice on what to know and expect when it comes to employing social media influencers for marketing purposes. Now go forth and put these into action!

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