3 Social Media Branding Tips You Need to Implement

By Elana Goodwin

Branding your company on social media in a way that makes you stand out from your competition can make all the difference when it comes to success and increase your name recognition. To help you with your social media branding efforts, here are three key starter tips to make sure you are implementing.

1. Start simple. A quick basic branding 101 crash course: consistency is key. This applies to your logo, account handle, bio, color scheme, etc. You don’t need to have your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms be the exact same as far as what photo is used for your logo but there needs to be enough similarity between your accounts on different sites to make your business easily recognizable to users. Once these foundational branding elements are set, you’ll want to update them to keep them fresh at least a few times a year, perhaps tailoring these changes as appropriate for various holidays and exciting launches and changes at the company.

2. Think visually. What color palette do you want to use for your brand? What fonts? Beyond just basic photos, logos, and general color schemes, you need to ensure your individual posts on your various social media have the same filters and colors and use the same fonts. This is the next step in maintaining consistency and building brand recognition beyond your logo. To help with this, consider creating templates for different types of posts so that you are using the same features for each post, such as sharing blog posts, exciting announcements, etc. When posting graphic content like videos and photos, in particular, you want to be aware of the overall aesthetic you are presenting as a brand.

3. Establish your voice. Now that you know more about the visual aspects of your brand, it’s time to focus on your persona. Setting a specific tone and voice is key — and these may be slightly different depending on what social network you’re posting on as audiences vary by platform. Your voice may be more tongue-in-cheek on Twitter and more informational on Facebook. The idea is to firmly establish each and stick to them, and this extends to vocabulary and how you interact with your followers.

Of course, branding is an extensive process and an ongoing one. But implementing these three basic branding tips on all your social media accounts — and continuing to keep them in mind — is a great place to start.

via Pexels