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  • A Guide to the Do’s of YouTube Marketing

    While some of the other social media sites out there may be at the forefront of your mind when it comes to marketing, an often overlooked site you should be using for marketing purposes is YouTube.

  • How to Get Your Press Release Picked Up

    So you've written a press release. Now what? Simple: now it's time to try to get your press release picked up by the media to maximize your reach and get publicity. So how exactly do you do that? Luckily for you, we've got some helpful tips! First, capture attention.

  • Marketing Strategy Tips to Capitalize On Black Friday

    While Thanksgiving is about gathering together with friends and family and being grateful, it's also become well-known for what happens after the Thursday holiday: Black Friday.

  • Twitter Talk: Twitter Marketing Tips – Part 3

    We've covered some helpful Twitter marketing tips in our previous two posts, but now it's time to wrap up our Twitter Talk series with a few last good-to-know pieces of advice. 7. Interact with Followers/Other Brands. A great way to drive interaction with your followers is to conduct polls.

  • Twitter Talk: Twitter Marketing Tips – Part 2

    It's time to dive back into Twitter Talk! Now that we've got some of the initial Twitter marketing tips covered, let's go a little deeper into useful methods and advice to keep in mind when posting on the social media site. 4. Use Images or Video.

  • Twitter Talk: Twitter Marketing Tips – Part 1

    Twitter has become increasingly popular over the last several years and is an integral social media tool to be using when marketing. It's a great way to reach millennials and if you use Twitter correctly, you may even keep that fickle demographic as loyal consumers.

  • 4 Key Factors of a Good Press Release

    If you write a bad press release, it's practically worse than if you hadn't written a press release at all. Luckily, there are four core key factors you need to be sure you're aware of when writing a press release in order to make it "good"  -- and we've listed them here. 1. Newsworthy.

  • Insta-Success: Instagram Marketing Tips – Part 3

    By now, you've likely started implementing some of our tips into your Instagram marketing methods and hopefully have seen some results! We're going to finish off this series with a few more tips on how you can ensure Insta-success. Partner with Influencers.

  • Insta-Success: Instagram Marketing Tips – Part 2

    As we stated in last month's post, Instagram's user numbers are growing -- so you need to capitalize on this prime social media platform when it comes to marketing.