Twitter Talk: Twitter Marketing Tips – Part 2

By Elana Goodwin

It’s time to dive back into Twitter Talk! Now that we’ve got some of the initial Twitter marketing tips covered, let’s go a little deeper into useful methods and advice to keep in mind when posting on the social media site.

4. Use Images or Video. Posts with images or video are way more engaging and likely to be looked at than posts that are just text. Images are better than plain words, but videos are even better than images. Both images and videos should be good quality and pertinent to your post. Beyond just regular videos, you can also try out the Live Video feature, which will allow your video to be watched even after the live feed ends. Try to find a happy balance of both in order to increase your shares and clicks.

5. Timing is Everything. Posting on Twitter is a waste if you’re not doing it at the right times of day. You want to drive engagement and increase visibility by being active on Twitter when other users are also active. The weekends are typically a time when lots of users are on the site for a longer period of time, which means posting then is good practice. Posting in the afternoons throughout the week is also usually a popular time to engage users. Identifying what days and times do best for your company may take a bit of testing and practice, but you’ll want to figure that out so you can make Twitter really work for you. And using tools like Buffer or Hootsuite will allow your business to schedule content in advance which is convenient — and even more so if your “peak” window is at a time outside of business hours.

6. Don’t Go #HashtagCrazy. Using more than two hashtags per tweet may cause your engagement to drop — so don’t go hashtag-crazy! With the being said, you also want to make sure you’re using the right hashtags, and you can see which of your hashtags performed well by using Twitter analytics to inform future hashtag decisions. Another good way to pick a hashtag is to see what’s trending on the side of Twitter and choose a tag that’s relevant to your company to use while tweeting.

Check back next month for our final post in the Twitter marketing series where we’ll give you a few more tips on how to best use Twitter in your marketing efforts!

Image via Pixabay