Marketing Strategy Tips to Capitalize On Black Friday

By Elana Goodwin

While Thanksgiving is about gathering together with friends and family and being grateful, it’s also become well-known for what happens after the Thursday holiday: Black Friday. Consumer culture is in full swing as buyers go crazy to snag great deals whether for themselves or for December holiday gifts. Knowing this, it’s important you capitalize on this prime buying time by being smart about your marketing strategy and also putting out a press release ahead of Black Friday.

Continue posting on social media but ramp up your posting schedule! Make sure to use language that instills a sense of urgency in prospective buyers so they will be more likely to buy over Thanksgiving weekend as they understand this is a special offer that is only being offered at this specific time. Share your posts far and wide to ensure as many people as possible see and make a note to buy your product or visit your website for deals during this frenzied shopping period. Consider boosting posts too or paying for advertising to really publicize what your business has going on for Black Friday.

You’ll also want to be sending out emails about the deals you have launching on or before Black Friday to reach those who perhaps are not on social media and to remind those who are on social media in another medium as well. Plus, be sure to put out a press release as soon as possible announcing the special deals you have going on this month and include links to your websites and products within the release.

You can also run a special promotion to get people buying faster by giving something free to the first “x” many people who buy a product or announcing that a certain price/product is only available to the first “x” number of buyers.

Many businesses see their sales go up for the long holiday weekend and you want to be sure yours do as well. Follow these great strategies this November for a successful Black Friday for your business! Happy Thanksgiving!