4 Key Factors of a Good Press Release

By Elana Goodwin

If you write a bad press release, it’s practically worse than if you hadn’t written a press release at all. Luckily, there are four core key factors you need to be sure you’re aware of when writing a press release in order to make it “good”  — and we’ve listed them here.

1. Newsworthy. Press releases shouldn’t just be about mundane updates happening at your company — the whole point of a press release is to announce something inherently newsworthy. Whether it’s a new product, new hire, change in company policy, etc., you want to make sure that what you’re taking the time to write a press release about deserves attention from the greater public. Otherwise, you can just send an internal announcement to employees at your company if you want to share news but it’s really only “newsworthy” to those working at the organization.

2. Engaging. From the headline to the very last word, you want to engage readers in whatever your press release is covering. Grab attention with an interesting but brief headline and keep your press release short as well — without leaving out anything important. Cover the who, what, when, where, why, and how within the first paragraph or two of your release so the most relevant and crucial details are divulged first before moving onto other relevant, but less weighty facts.

3. Quotable. Putting quotes in your press release gives your content a more human factor and allows readers to feel like they’re getting to know your company on a deeper level. Don’t jam-pack your release with quotes but include one or two that add value from credible and diverse sources.

4. Inclusive. Your press release should end with you including things like your contact info and company details. Facts about your company, such as when it was founded, how big it is, its mission, etc., are standard practice. And if there’s anything truly brag-worthy and unique about your business, you’ll want to include that too. Plus, your name, email address, phone number, and any other relevant method of communication to get in touch with you should be written as well so if a journalist is interested in doing a story or someone wants to learn more, they have an easy way to contact you for further information.

Now that you know the four key factors to a good press release, make sure you put them into action in your own release writing in the future!

Image via Pexels.com