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A Guide to the Don’ts of YouTube Marketing

We’re back to wrap up our two-part series with some helpful tips on what you shouldn’t do when it comes to marketing effectively on YouTube. Let’s dive right in!

1. Don’t think “virally.”

Yes, it’d be great if you have a video or a couple go viral. But don’t let that be the goal that drives your YouTube marketing strategy. Trying to create content whose sole purpose is to rack up views will end up affecting the quality of your videos and you’ll likely lose sight of your overall purpose. Focus on coming up with interesting, engaging, and unique content and let the “going viral” happen naturally because you did good work, not because of any gimmicks or because you stacked the deck.

2. Don’t think about going it alone.

This is two-fold. Firstly, you need a strong team focused on creating effective YouTube content; no one person will be able to run the whole thing themselves unchecked and without people to bounce ideas off of. Beyond that, think about reaching out to other YouTube creators, partners, and influencers to work with on some of your content. This will help boost your credibility and likely help you reach new viewers and users.

3. Don’t forget to share.

Assuming once you have the content up on YouTube that people will just find it organically is naive thinking. Of course, many likely will, but you can’t just release your content into the internet ether and let nature take its course. You need to be sharing your content to drive traffic and views. Share on your company’s social media accounts and consider adding video content to your website as well to grow your presence.

Hopefully, this two-part series covering the do’s and don’ts of YouTube marketing left you with some good tips to think about as you plan your YouTube marketing strategies. Good luck!

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A Guide to the Do’s of YouTube Marketing

While some of the other social media sites out there may be at the forefront of your mind when it comes to marketing, an often overlooked site you should be using for marketing purposes is YouTube. In this two-part series, covering the do’s and don’ts, we’ll cover some tips to ensure your YouTube marketing efforts are effective and helping your company.

1. Think about your video titles.

What is the title of your video? Is it grabbing potential consumers’ attention and prompting them to click and watch? If your content has a boring title, you’ll see fewer views and less engagement. Think about action words or buzz words that would are good keywords people may search for so your content will rank well and invite people to watch. You also don’t want your video title to be too long so really think about how to most concisely and clearly relay what the video is about.

2. Think about length.

How long is your video? If it’s over five minutes, it’s definitely too long and you’re going to lose viewers or end up driving away potential viewers who decide they don’t have the time to invest in watching it. Make your videos interesting and have value by creating quality content that’s unique and to the point.

3. Think about the purpose.

Are you trying to grow your brand’s awareness? Drive traffic to your site? Something else? Whatever your goal, make sure you have a clear idea of what it is before diving into YouTube. You’ll definitely want to include Call to Actions (CTAs) like “Like” and “Subscribe” prompts at the end of your video but you need to also consider what else you want to accomplish using visual content.

Start thinking about how these tips can be implemented when coming up with your YouTube content and stay tuned for next month’s blog where we’ll wrap up this two-part series with some final advice on what not to do when it comes to YouTube marketing!

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