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Weekly College News Roundup: Harry Potter Fans in Providence Get Good News, Student Loan Regulators Don’t

Young men at Brown University in Rhode Island are getting some pretty exciting news this week, and the education department admits that they might have given away a few hundred million dollars more than they had to this year. Read on for this week’s biggest college news headlines.

Harry Potter Starlet to Return to Classes at Brown


It looks like Emma Watson will be back in school this fall. According to BroBible:

“Watson originally enrolled in the school back in 2009, then took time off in 2011 for Hermoine-related responsibilities. She’s currently taking a class at NYU, and now needs a few more credits to get a degree.”

So what is the former Harry Potter turned sex-symbol studying? History according to FanPop.

534px-Gordon_GeeOhio State’s Charismatic and Quirky President to Retire


After making some jokes about rival sports teams that didn’t sit well with critics, President Gee will be leaving the university that he has done so much for over the past several years. According to CollegeSpun:

“Gee’s seemingly-forced retirement comes down to the spotlight that Ohio State football draws in the national media. Gee’s retirement won’t really have an effect on that football team, but it will have a huge effect on the institution. The media seems to forget that Ohio State is actually a school, not just an athletic program.”

With a long and proud career behind him, we’ll just hope this minor gaffe at the end doesn’t change the way he’s remembered.

Another Side to the Student Loan Debacle


As student loan debt continues to gain front-page attention, there’s another number that’s steadily increasing and worth watching: student loan fraud. According to the Huffington Post:

“The Education Department’s watchdog says the number of college students who are suspected of engaging in loan fraud has increased 82 percent … [and] estimates the government issued $874 million in suspected fraudulent student loans since 2009.”

Almost a billion dollars in fake student loans seems like quite an oversight, but with more than $1 trillion in student debt outstanding, it’s really just a drop in the bucket.

4145641372_60700a77afBoston, Seattle, and Denver Top the List for Best Cities for Recent College Graduates


The class of 2013 faces a tough, but slowly improving economy. This week, NerdWallet put together a comprehensive list of the best post-college towns for the class of 2013. Their criteria included the following questions:

  1. Will you have peers and others your age?  Fresh grads want to live in young cities with plenty of twenty-somethings to meet.  We included the percentage of the population between the ages of 18 and 24 in our analysis.

  2. Will you have an active social life?  We proxied social life by the number of bars per 1,000 residents

  3. Is the city walkable?  Can you live there without a car? Most recent grads don’t have cars or savings to buy a car, so we included the city’s Walk Score, which measures how easily you can get around without having a car.

  4. Can you afford to live there?  Recent grads often have low salaries and no savings, so we included the median cost of rent.

  5. Can you get a job?  To assess the availability of jobs and local economy, our calculations include each city’s unemployment rate.

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