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The Top 20 Most Popular College Blogs of 2013

Keeping up with the latest trends on college campuses can be tough for public relations professionals. Even more challenging is navigating the hundreds of different college news sources and blogs out there. Fortunately, we make it our business to know the most popular and trafficked college blogs on the web. As of June 2013, here are the most popular college blogs in 2013:

bro-bible-logo1. Bro Bible

Part blog and part news magazine, Bro BibleĀ is definitely geared towards male humor. They feature news, funny videos, and racey photos of good looking women. It isn’t all that professional, but they do a good job mixing aggregated and unique content.

2. Huffington Post College

The college arm of one of the web’s most popular sites, HuffPo College does a great job bringing together news, opinion, and expert advice from sources around the web. Much like most popular sites on this list, their focus is as much on aggregation as it is on original content creation.

3. Elite Daily

Claiming to be “the voice of Generation-Y” may be a bold statement, but as the internet’s third most popular college blog, it might not be far off. Elite Daily balances humor, inspiration, and current events on their site, and also aggregates snippets of articles from other sources from time to time.

4. The Gloss

A part of Alloy Digital’s network of blogs, The Gloss focuses on fashion and beauty tips as well as celebrity news and gossip. As they say on their site, “Our readers are motivated, informed 20-somethings who hop from the gym to the office to happy hour without batting an eye,” making The Gloss the most popular college blog geared towards women.

busted-coverage5. Busted Coverage

With the best sports news and photos of sexy women, it’s no surprise that Busted Coverage performs well within the college male demographic. Their content is also a blend of aggregation and unique stories.

6. College Humor

7. HerCampus

8. Uloop


10. Camelback Music

11. The Choice by New York Times

12. Betches Love This

13. College Fashion

14. College Cures

15. College Fashionista

16. New York Times College

17. College Candy

18. Living the College Life

19. The College Crush

20. Cheap Scholar

Do you have other college blogs that readers should keep an eye on? Let us hear your thoughts in the comments below.

Popularity data provided by MyUdaily.

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