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Very intellectual “Dirge of Peace” music , or wait.

As completely disinterested commentary and not financial advice, have a look at Shiba Inu and Baby Doge Bitcoin for a 5 year observation. Going off on a tangent the size of a stock certificate is 8 ½ inches by 11 inches. The size of a dollar bill
Is 2 and ½ inches by 6 inches. Why not make some stock certificates the size of the dollar bill. 2 +1/2 by 6 inches .

Then they could be used as a currency to recompence vendors of merchandise and services. One bill could be stock price divided by stock price= $1.00 or Stock price divided by 10 times stock price =$ .10 or for a penny stock price divided by 100 Stockprice, and of course stockprice thereby a new inflation control. Just view from the top. also has some interesting implications and is becoming better every day. UID Barbara pswd barb7777. Never mind where one can print a one foot to 10 foot poster for $1.98. Cheers.

Douglas “Corny Cornball” Corni