Quizlet Launches Advanced AI-Powered Tools for Next-Gen Studying

AI powering new study experiences that enhance student learning

San Francisco – September 14, 2023 – Ahead of back-to-school season, global learning platform Quizlet announced a series of new study tools designed to help students return to the classroom with renewed confidence this school year. These new products deliver more AI-powered resources to Quizlet’s 60 million monthly active users, combining cognitive science and artificial intelligence to help students study more effectively and efficiently.

Joining well-known and beloved study tools, including Flashcards and Learn and Test, this back-to-school Quizlet introduced:

● Magic Notes: With Magic Notes, students can upload their class notes to Quizlet and instantly and automatically turn them into flashcards, practice tests, and more. Whether notes are hand-written or digital, this AI-powered solution gets users ready to study in mere seconds, saving valuable time that was previously used manually building studying tools, and helping students extend their knowledge with outlines, sample essay topics and related course materials.
● Memory Score: Memory Score lets students track their personal memory scores based on their study habits and help them understand how likely they are to remember material at different intervals and when test day comes.
● Quick Summary: Quick Summary pulls key concepts out of dense readings, providing summaries that help students digest material faster and at the right level to match their current understanding.
● Brain Beats: With Brain Beats, students can automatically turn their flashcards into a song to enhance studying, using a tune to aid in memorization.
● Q-Chat: Q-Chat launched in beta in March as the first personalized AI tutor built on OpenAI’s ChatGPT API and has since powered millions of conversations with students on Quizlet. Now officially out of beta, Q-Chat is a part of the core Quizlet experience and with additional activities including Teach Me, Quiz Me, Apply my Knowledge, and Practice with Sentences. Q-Chat is built to help students achieve a deeper understanding of the topics they are studying through a virtual tutor-like experience.
● AI Enhanced Expert Solutions: Millions of step-by-step explanations written by verified experts on Quizlet are now enhanced by advanced AI capabilities. On top of the trusted step-by-step guidance this feature is known for, students can now access alternate explanations to better understand tricky concepts, practice problems to test their knowledge, and use Q-Chat for personalized AI-powered tutoring all built within the experience.

“Quizlet has invested in AI since we debuted Learn Mode in 2017 and we’ve seen first-hand just how beneficial AI is to help students learn,” said Quizlet CEO Lex Bayer. “This back-to-school season, we launched products that use generative AI to go a step beyond anything students have seen before and to do what we do best: help students practice and master whatever they are learning.”

All Quizlet users in the US who are 16 years and older can access these new features, with Quizlet Plus users gaining unlimited access.

About Quizlet
Quizlet is a global learning platform that provides engaging AI-enhanced study tools to help people practice and master whatever they are learning — including 2 in 3 high school students and 1 in 2 college students in the US. Every month, over 60 million students, teachers, and everyday people use Quizlet to study any subject imaginable for school, work, or as part of their personal interests. Combining cognitive science and artificial intelligence, Quizlet guides students through adaptive study activities to confidently reach their learning goals. Quizlet is headquartered in San Francisco, California, and is backed by General Atlantic, Union Square Ventures, Altos Ventures, Icon Ventures, Owl Ventures, and Costanoa Ventures. For more information, please visit www.quizlet.com.

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