A $255 Million Settlement has been reached with JUUL Labs, Inc. making money available for those who bought a JUUL Product before December 7, 2022. Litigation continues against Altria.

A class action lawsuit claims that Plaintiffs paid more for JUUL products than they otherwise would have paid if they had been given accurate information about JUUL products’ addictiveness and safety, and that JUUL products were unlawfully marketed to minors.

A $255 million settlement has been reached in the lawsuit with JUUL Labs, Inc. and related individuals and entities.

Altria (another defendant in the lawsuit) and related companies have not agreed to settle. The lawsuit will continue against them, and JUUL purchasers’ rights may be impacted by that ongoing litigation.

The group of people who JUUL Labs has agreed to pay is called the Settlement Class and it includes everyone who purchased JUUL products from retail stores or from JUUL directly online before December 7, 2022. Those who are in this group and want to get paid, must file a claim.

Millions of Emails and Mailed Notices are being sent to identified Class Members with information about the Settlement. Recipients can click a link in the email, or scan a QR code in the Mailed Notice, or return the postage pre-paid return postcard to file a claim. Those who do not receive an email or postcard about the Settlement can file a claim by visiting the website at www.JUULclassaction.com or obtain a paper claim form by contacting the Settlement Administrator at 1-855-604-1734.

Payments will be based on how much each claimant spent on JUUL products compared to other Settlement Class members. How much each claimant will receive is unknown at this time because it depends on how many claims are submitted. More information about how payments will be calculated is available in the Plan of Allocation at www.JUULclassaction.com.

In addition to filing a claim, class members may object to the Settlement, or request exclusion from the Settlement Class or the ongoing litigation Class related to Altria and other non-settling defendants. Class members who do not exclude themselves may be bound by the Settlement and the Lawsuit which may impact their rights. Full details about Class Member rights and options, including the deadlines to exercise them, are available at www.JUULclassaction.com. A full list of the products included in the Settlement and the ongoing litigation, as well as other important documents, are also available at www.JUULclassaction.com.