5 tips for college students as they embark on long awaited spring break adventures.

PHOENIX (March 7, 2022):  Nationwide, nearly 20 million college students are preparing to take their midterm exams before heading off to enjoy spring break. With dropping Covid-19 case numbers and an overall better outlook on the pandemic, many students are extra eager to escape from hectic college life.

Before students leave campus, GradGuard, the nation’s leading authority on helping protect college students and their families from the risks of college life, recommends students consider the following tips so they are prepared if something goes wrong.

1. Protect your health – Be sure you have your health insurance card, and if applicable, your COVID-19 vaccination card, with you and confirm your student health insurance will work while traveling.

2. Protect personal belongings – Be sure to consider purchasing GradGuard’s renters insurance, which is specifically designed for college students. It provides coverage for students’ belongings not only while on campus, but also while they are traveling worldwide.

3. Protect your identity – Be prepared with backup identification cards by taking photos of all your personal IDs and payment cards. If your wallet is stolen, you can quickly restore your life and return home easily.

4. Protect your trip – If you are leaving the United States, travel insurance can be a smart purchase and can include valuable services to help you overcome a financial loss and also help you return home in case something goes wrong on your trip.

5. Protect your dorm or apartment – Remember you are likely responsible for damages that may occur at your campus residence while you are away. Be sure to turn off all electronics and appliances before leaving.  But if something happens, GradGuard’s renters insurance can provide coverage for damages that occur while you are away from school.

“Understanding the risks of college life is always important and it is useful to consider these tips before spring break,” said John Fees, co-founder of GradGuard and a college parent himself. ”Students may be surprised that they will likely lose hundreds, if not thousands of dollars if their student’s semester is disrupted by a theft, unintentional damage to their student housing or a medical condition forces them to withdraw.”

GradGuard’s renters insurance enables students and families to easily replace a bike, laptop, cell phone, or other items that are stolen or damaged, not only while the student is on campus, but also while they are traveling to and from school or away on vacation.  In addition, GradGuard’s industry-leading tuition insurance program allows families to get a refund if they are forced to withdraw from school for covered medical conditions including COVID-19.

“While students have diverse goals for spring break, students are smart to be prepared and to protect themselves from a financial loss that could disrupt their semester or create greater financial stress,” said Fees. “Many colleges and universities agree, with more than 450 institutions partnering with GradGuard to help families protect against the risks of college life.”

About GradGuard:
GradGuard is the nation’s leading provider of college renters and tuition insurance. GradGuard is trusted by more than 450 colleges and universities to educate and protect nearly one million students and families from the risks of college life. Visit GradGuard.com to use its college insurance search tool to find the insurance programs that are right for your college student or recommended by their college or university.

Natalie Tarangioli