Jazzzoid.com Razz Mataz, Find Yourself “Humans andThe Computer Mind”

Never before assembled new exultations of victory of musical invention then innovation. First edition to find it’s area set aside in the greatest accomplishments that history has ever known. Hidden in the private files of internet storage, the baffling veil has been lifted for the first time on Jazzassistant.com, the 8th wonder of the world. The scope and power of the progressions of harmony and melody combine for ghost written music beyond comparison.

Shocking importance to the entertainment field electrifies fascinated publishing and public via it’s perfection. Vehement discussion defining the delineation of Jazz form and function of great superstructures euphorically delightful for ones editing the dramatic thunderbolts of unequaled daring combinations and permutations. Douglas “CornyCornball” Cornish

The fanciful algorithmic progressions producing music of sound condition satisfactorily and excellently relative to each other with accepted formulations of non-redundant musical notation by Corny Cornball….will stimulate (previously to hearing it)
respective dormant divisions of neurological neuron bundles that by most standards have the complexities of learning imputed knowing form and format of jazz improvisation>

I.E. No writers block.

The free hand the reader and the listener of the site www.jazzassistant.com in composing what the author wants the audience to feel is an opulent
combination and permutation of of randomly generated notes and chord segments.

I.E.Listen carefully.

The personality of the music is ablaze with subtle and downright bold brash blues progressions and jazz syncopation of musicality.

I.E. It is cool!

3000 pages of messages and communiqués yielding the website www.jazzassistant.com result, leaves one with a sunny disposition of accomplishment once edited with whiteout and magic marker.

I.E. Make it right!

There is new and improved intellectual honesty when saying the jazz is abstract; however, writing down one’s zest for life consummate in the piano composer….it goes to publication. Edit and copyright , it is yours…..Just mention and write the sites owners name as a joint composer.

I.E. Share the credit not the royalty!
To find yourself in the intelligent new intellectual entertainment, Read”Humans and The Computer Mind”

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