Announces First Annual Off-Campus Housing Awards (CSA), the world’s largest off-campus housing network, proudly presents the first annual 2020-21 Off-Campus Housing Awards. Over 5,600 colleges and universities were considered with over 40,000 off-campus properties reviewed. Awards were given out based on value, quality, and location along with an overall top off-campus housing award.

“After years of helping millions of college students find the right property around their campus, we felt it was time to build a metric to show prospective students which colleges have the top off-campus housing,” said Greg Edson, managing partner of CSA. “Our goal is to be a resource to students and colleges.”

CSA worked with a property research firm and also collected reviews directly from students to determine property scores on an individual campus level.

For the Quality Badge, CSA averaged the scores of all off-campus properties within five miles of each campus. Colleges that scored 75 out of 100 or greater were awarded the Quality Badge.

Schools were awarded the Value Badge when the average rent of the off-campus properties within five miles of campus were at least 25 percent less expensive than the national average.

Schools were awarded the Location Badge when it was surrounded by 10 or more off-campus housing options within five miles.

To receive the Overall Off-Campus Housing Badge, a school must rank as a top school in two of the three categories.

“The amount of data that we’ve collected on off-campus housing has allowed CSA to share great insight to benefit college students and institutions,” said Edson. “We pride ourselves in being the top off-campus housing search option, and look forward to serving students for years to come.”

In the quality category, Bucknell University, Baylor University and East Tennessee State University were among the top 1% of the given scores. In the value category, University of Wisconsin-Platteville, Penn State University Altoona and Eastern Illinois University received a top 1% score. In the location category, New York University, Boston University and Loyola University Chicago were among the top 1% of the given scores.

To find out which award(s) each school received, search a college at Colleges, universities and apartment communities can embed these award badges on your website by clicking the small icon (<>) near the bottom right corner of each award.

For more information on ranking data and research, click here. These awards were developed to help students as they search for the right school and the right place to live.

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