Quiz: What the type of magazine you read says about you as a friend

Quiz: What the type of magazine you read says about you as a friend


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Magazines were some of the first forms of entertainment. You could get the latest fashion tips right at your doorstep. Or you could figure out what your next garden project would be while waiting at the dentist’s office.

I remember being a little girl wondering why Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie were on every magazine cover leading up to the grocery store checkout. The type of magazine you gravitated toward could also show what kind of friend you are in real life. Take this quiz and find out what magazine you are most like and how it translates to your life relationships!

  1. You’re getting your hair done in the best salon in town. What’s going to be your new look?
    1. Something functional! Such as a buzz or bob.
    2. I love changing hair colors. Right now, it’s red, but I’m thinking of going full-on purple.
    3. Natural highlights all the way!
    4. Hmmm … how about a perm?
  2. How do you take your coffee?
    1. I don’t! I’m a tea person anyway.
    2. Iced vanilla latte with soy milk and no whipped cream, please.
    3. Nonfat milk and one sugar. I keep it simple!
    4. Oh! I just saw this new drink on TikTok I’ve been wanting to try … hold on.
  3. If you could get on a plane and go anywhere, where would you go?
    1. France to experience the Palace of Versailles.
    2. New York City to sit on the MET steps!
    3. Somewhere in Greece!
    4. Hot and sunny Los Angeles.
  4. What time do you normally wake up?
    1. I need to beat the sun to get some yardwork in before it’s too hot.
    2. My first alarm goes off at noon. … Then I hit snooze a few more times.
    3. I like to be up at 8 a.m. so I have enough time to get ready and plan my day.
    4. Well you see, to wake up, you first have to go to sleep.
  5. What app are you constantly on?
    1. YouTube. I’m always watching plant videos.
    2. Instagram. I have to see what’s new and trending!
    3. Etsy. I love shopping local.
    4. Twitter. That’s where all the good drama is!
  6. What candle are you burning?
    1. The scent of freshly cut lilacs, of course.
    2. Something festive, such as champagne!
    3. Whatever is basic and natural! Linen is my current go-to.
    4. A different scent in each room so they all morph together to become one.
    1. You are totally a garden magazine: You have a green thumb — count yourself lucky! You are good at growing new things. Just like the relationships in your life, you keep your plants nurtured and healthy. You are a super refreshing person and all about going with the flow!
    2. Fashion magazine: You are a trendsetter — you’re always knowing what’s hot and what’s not before anyone else and letting your friends know what their next purchases should be. People in your life think you’re so fun-loving. The party doesn’t start for anyone until you get there!
    3. Lifestyle magazine: You pride yourself on being calm, simple and socially conscious. You’re the friend who everyone goes to for advice because it seems like you always have your life together, even when you really don’t.
    4. Gossip magazine: There’s not much you love more than the latest gossip. But, you also are a great friend for people who need some spontaneity. You’re who they call when they need help being pulled out of a funk.

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