An homage to good ole headbangin’ punk rock

An homage to good ole headbangin’ punk rock

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Sometimes UC Berkeley can make a person feel powerless and overwhelmed. Stressful tests and assignments pile up and demand your attention. You try your best, but you still don’t succeed. There are ways to get out of that, but sometimes, the best way is through some good ole punk rock.

If there is an emotion punk rock is excellent at conveying, it’s anger. A good track will not only have angry, poignant lyrics but will make the listener experience its rage. That’s precisely why punk rock is fantastic for a UC Berkeley student. All that frustration is redirected or drowned out by some angry music. It can give a cathartic release from all that self-doubt and stress caused by going to UC Berkeley. For that alone, punk music deserves some thanks.

Punk rock is a good listen even if you don’t need to get out of a funk. Sometimes it’s a solid way to get pumped up. Its angry beats can motivate you to conquer whatever it is you have to do. Part of punk rock music’s effects might have to do with redirecting your stress, which may have been what kept you from being motivated. So thank you, punk rock, for being that quick burst of motivation when it was desperately needed.

There’s more to punk rock than just a soothing effect on college students. It’s a fun, enjoyable genre in its own right. It can also get quite political if that’s something that appeals to you in music. For the most part, punk rock has something for every listener unless somebody really dislikes the sound of an electric guitar. Something is exhilarating about losing yourself in the music and just tossing your head forward to the beat. Punk rock can give a fun experience whether you’re in private, with some friends or at a show. For that, it should be appreciated, at least.

So, here’s to punk rock. In these stressful and turbulent times, there is no better companion. May it always be angry, energetic and a good time. Listen to it loud and let the guitar riffs and pounding drums fill your heart. It deserves some appreciation.

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