Editors’ Note — Let’s talk about sex, baby!

Editors’ Note — Let’s talk about sex, baby!

Since our adolescence, sex has always been an uncomfortable topic; from times when we would look anywhere but the television when a sex scene came on, to times where we absolutely avoided having “the sex talk.” Now, in our young adulthood, sex has become a more widely accepted topic to speak, act and look upon. Our initial thought on sex is the idea of people being intimate with one another — but there’s more to it. Sex is more than getting naked and kissing: It has to be looked at in the broader scope of sexuality, gender identity, emotions and more.

This Valentine’s Day, The Daily Californian has something for both our single and loved-up readers, and everyone in between. In this year’s sex special issue, read about kinks, sex in the age of digital media and self-love. Whether you have big plans for today with that special someone, are hanging out with friends or simply enjoying the day to yourself, peruse through our sex issue and learn more about sex on a deeper level.

Let’s talk about sex, baby!

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