Cengage Announces Top Colleges for Cengage Unlimited Savings

Unlimited Access Subscription for Textbooks and Course Materials Saves Students More than $125 Million Since August 2018

BOSTON—January 6, 2020 — With more than two million subscriptions sold since commercial availability began in August 2018, the Cengage Unlimited subscription service is rapidly changing how students access and use textbooks and course materials. To date, students have saved more than $125 million using the industry’s first unlimited-use subscription for ebooks, online homework access codes and study guides.  These savings are expected to grow to an estimated $160 million by the end of the current academic year.

Today, Cengage announced the top colleges where students have saved the most with Cengage Unlimited.  The list features schools that have achieved the highest overall savings and those that have the highest savings per student.

“The college affordability crisis is impacting students and colleges across the country.  It’s clear the entire ecosystem must pursue innovation to deliver students more value for their money,” said Michael E. Hansen, CEO, Cengage.

“That’s why we created Cengage Unlimited: to offer students affordable access to quality learning materials and other resources needed to excel in their studies, graduate and find a job.  The number of subscribers and savings to date shows that Cengage Unlimited is making a real difference for them,” continued Hansen.

After tuition, the cost of textbooks and course materials is the leading financial stressor according to a recent survey.  A Cengage Unlimited subscription gives students access to more than 22,000 products for one price — $119.99 a semester ($179.99 a year), no matter how many materials they use.  A subscription also includes free services for tutoring, test prep, college success and career support, such as resume-building, financial literacy, time management and more.

Top Five Schools for Total Cengage Unlimited Savings:

(Parenthesis denotes the estimated overall student savings at the named institution in using Cengage Unlimited)

1. University of Alabama – Tuscaloosa ($1.8M)
2. Texas A&M University ($1.7M)
3. North Carolina State University ($1.1M)
4. Arizona State University ($853K)
5. University of Houston ($836K)

Top Five Schools for Average Student Savings with Cengage Unlimited:

(Parenthesis denotes the estimated average savings per student at the named institution for those students using Cengage Unlimited)

1. University of Illinois ($256/student)
2. University of Findlay, OH ($182/student)
3. University of Connecticut ($179/student) and Gaston College (NC) ($179/student)
4. Saddleback College, CA ($175/student)
5. Spokane Community College ($172/student)

“It’s essential to save every dime you can, and by using Cengage Unlimited, I saved nearly $120 last semester. That’s close to the same amount I’ve paid for a single access code before. I think Cengage Unlimited’s impact on the University of Houston has been incredible, and I’m glad people are saving money,” said Jacob Huling, Cengage Ambassador and student at the University of Houston.”

“I couldn’t believe that a publisher had come up with a subscription model that makes an even playing field for students of all backgrounds,” said Kelly Hinson, Instructor, Gaston College. “It’s not just saving money on books, because those savings spill into the lives of our students. Now they have more money for living expenses.”

To learn more about the savings potential with Cengage Unlimited, students, faculty and administrators can visit the interactive Savings Map to see which courses use Cengage at their institution, as well as how much students at their institution have already saved.

For more information about Cengage Unlimited, or to purchase a subscription, visit: www.cengage.com/unlimited.

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