Hark! The Herald Angels Sing: Ask the YH

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Illustration by Paige Davis

This week, the Opinion section asked the Yale Herald staff one hard hitting question: when should we start celebrating Christmas?

Marina Albanese: Christmas starts on December 1. You must respect Christmas’s boundaries. Christmas is, after all, a candy cane. She must be savored. If you bite into her too early, your teeth will fall out! That’s what happens when you start celebrating Christmas before December 1.

Eric Krebs: The day after Thanksgiving. Santa is the final appearance in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and thus he heralds the celebration of Christmas.

Kat Corfman: On Christmas, silly!!!

Laurie Roark: I hate Christmas. We shouldn’t celebrate it at all. Stop talking about it.

Marc Boudreaux: When I email Santa my Christmas list (and BCC my Mom). I make it in Excel, with a column for name, rank, price, size, color, and a hyperlink (usually to Amazon, Patagonia, or Nordstrom Rack). On Christmas day, I print out the sheet and check off each item with a X-tra Wide Sharpie. If something is missing, I scream. Then Christmas is over.

Mom talking to her son on the phone: What do you want for Christmas honey?

Son talking to his mom on the phone, in Ezra Stiles Courtyard: Uhhh, the new airpods?

Corporate America: Christmas starts the day after Halloween. Or August! Whichever you prefer.

The Joker: My opinion on this, as the Joker, is that Christmas should be celebrated every day!

Hamzah Jhaveri: My opinions about this, as a Muslim, are that it should be celebrated for a month, usually in the summer, dependent on the lunar calendar, where we fast each day from sunrise to sunset in honor of the revelation of the Holy Qur’an, and end the month with a day of food and celebration. That and the 24 to 25 of December, when we eat chocolate out of a calendar.

Spencer Hagaman: Show Thanksgiving some damn respect! December 1 or bust!

Will Wegner: Christmas celebrations commence with the first snowfall of winter and conclude on January 1. Good luck, California. Better luck, southern hemisphere.

Paige Davis: Well, I started singing Christmas songs yesterday. They just popped into my head. In a way, I’ve been singing Christmas songs for a while. I started humming “Jingle Bells” in the elevator, and someone got mad at me. I’m also excited to hear Mariah Carey. I love her. I want it to be Christmas right now. I also want it to snow.

Fiona Drenttel: *snuggles in sweater* OwO

Jack Kyono: haHAahAhhaAAha

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