Mental Health Funding FTW! Good Life Center Sandbox Gets Expansion

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Illustration by Paige Davis, MC ’21, YH Staff

NEW HAVEN, CT — In light of recent poor mental health ratings, Yale is taking big steps to improve its inadequate mental health services. Yale Mental Health has used a recent $10 million donation to finally address the severe discrepancy between therapists on staff and students in need of help. That’s right. The Good Life Center sandbox just received a 5,000 square-foot expansion large enough to accommodate struggling students for months on end while they wait for follow-up from Yale Mental Health and Counseling.

One student residing in the behemoth-sized sandbox reported, “I had my initial evaluation with YMH three months ago. They said I probably have seasonal affective disorder during the winter months and will be back in touch with me for treatment by late spring. I’ve been working on this sick castle for a couple months since then!”

And the renovation goes beyond just sand. The Center has also modified its strict no-technology policy so students in the box can check their phones every few weeks to see if Yale Mental Health returned their call.

At press time, one student at the Center’s updated craft station explained, “I recently went into Student Health with the sniffles, depression, and a cough, and a doctor gave me written scripts for four different antibiotics within 30 minutes. You can fold those to make origami swans!” Life hack alert! Yale Mental Health and Counseling did not respond to numerous requests for comment.

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