Zdaly Provides Free Research Tool of 3.3 Billion Trends for Academia

July 17, 2019 – Houston, Texas – Zdaly, a venture backed data intelligence leader, announced it has released the world’s largest quantitative research data platform as a free resource for university researchers and students at large.

Zdaly WorldData™ compiles over 3.3 billion world data and time series trends that can be visualized, merged and correlated with built-in statistical models.

Researchers can search, visualize and model important time series trends across multiple dimensions and sources in a single research platform. Data collections cover macroeconomics, demographics, finance, labor, agriculture, healthcare, trade, population and other major sectors important to academic, statistics and quantitative research.

For example, researchers studying infant mortality rates can instantly visualize historical datasets by region, then overlay related factors to plot anomalies, outliers and correlations in minutes.

“The massive troves of the world’s public data are a powerful force of public truth and accountability, playing a critical role in academic research. Yet this data is scattered, hard to source, debug and use – so Zdaly set out to solve this problem”, stated Raj Golecha, CEO of Zdaly.

“What costs our corporate customers six-figures to access, we’re proud to make available to academia free and help advance the efforts of university researchers and students everywhere”, added Golecha.

“University researchers no longer have to wade through disparate, unstructured data sources to prepare the data they need to do their work”, stated Rohit Kelkar, Head of Technology for Zdaly. “Zdaly’s unified data platform cuts data collection and preparation time by half or more, so researchers can focus on analysis and discovery”, added Kelkar.

Zdaly WorldData™ hosts many multiple terabytes of public data sets spanning 25-year moving averages. Full data access and statistical modeling features are available at no cost for all university researchers and students. For more information visit worlddata.zdaly.com.

Library Science or department heads interested in obtaining campus wide deployment instructions can email edu@zdaly.com.

About Zdaly
Revolutionizing big data analytics, Zdaly offers an Augmented Intelligence platform that unifies data science, machine learning and billions of world time series trends to deliver breakthrough data discovery and insights. Our platform ingests, cleanses, classifies and correlates disparate big data to unlock hidden, predictive and actionable insights at scale. Business and strategy teams rely on Zdaly to expose and decipher deep market intelligence, optimize capex projects and seize new market opportunities. For more information visit worlddata.zdaly.com.

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