Cost of attendance: Examining financial aid at UC Berkeley

Cost of attendance: Examining financial aid at UC Berkeley

illustration of financial aid struggles and students under pressure

Emily Bi/Senior Staff

UC cannot continue to use out-of-state tuition as revenue stream

Tuition hikes such as these essentially punish nonresident students from low-income backgrounds, forcing them to borrow and accept larger loans while offering them virtually no financial aid.

— Editorial Board

UC Berkeley Financial Aid and Scholarships office strives for affordability, culture of care

Financial aid helps build a diverse community of scholars from a wide range of economic backgrounds. Providing robust financial aid programs helps recruit, retain and graduate students, paving the way for their success.

— Cruz Grimaldo

UC Berkeley financial aid bureaucracy threatens students’ education, mental health

This experience really highlighted the bureaucracy of UC Berkeley and the importance of mental health for me. The campus sends out messages saying it cares about us, but it seems to have a culture of normalizing mental health issues.

— Anh-vy Phan

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