USAC recap – June 17

This post was updated June 18 at 2 p.m.

The Undergraduate Students Association Council is the official student government representing the undergraduate student body at UCLA. Council meetings take place every Tuesday at 7 p.m. in the Bruin Viewpoint Room and are open to all students. Watch a livestream of the meetings on the USAC Live! channel on YouTube.


  • The council allocated a total of $560 from Contingency Programing Fund to a non-USAC group.
  • The council voted to approve a joint University of Southern California and UCLA statement calling for more transparency from the universities’ administrations during sexual assault investigations.
  • The council approved office space allocations for Kerckhoff Hall. Facilities Commissioner Lily Shaw also extended the application deadline since some office spaces are still vacant.


  • On June 9, the undergraduate student government judicial board issued a statement in response to a petition submitted by President Robert Watson. Watson petitioned for clarification on the definition of quorum, which is set at two-thirds of council in the association’s constitution. He said since the council is not fully appointed, it had been interpreting the constitution to measure quorum according to the amount of elected officials, 12, instead of the amount of actual offices, 15. The judicial board supported the council’s interpretation.

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