CHVRCHES Effortlessly is Extraordinary

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CHVRCHES stopped in St. Louis at The Pageant for their Love Is Dead tour on May 1st and were welcomed by a sold out crowd. The band entered to a group of flashing lights setting the tone for the rest of the evening’s show.  


CHVRCHES is a Scottish-based electronic-synth rock band that was founded in 2011 and fame in 2013 with their hit “The Mother We Share.” The band includes Lauren Mayberry, Ian Cook and Martin Doherty.


Mayberry, the lead singer, was dressed in a blue tool outfit that emulated aspects of Cinderella’s gown at the ball. The outfit was complimented with her tall chunky holographic shoes and her signature dramatic winged eyeshadow.


CHVRCHES started out with hits like “Get Out,” “Bury It” and “We Sink.” The stage was decorated with eight large square lights that had nine little lights positioned inside it. The lights would flash and change color according to the song. The stage was also adorned with two large ‘x’ shaped lights that is on the cover of their latest album “Love is Dead.”


Mayberry and her band mates would stop to have conversation, it was almost like you were watching a live podcast, the band entertaining to just listen to as they made playful banter. Topics covering from tea, excess sweating and the show “My Cat From Hell” on Animal Planet. Mayberry also made a playful jab at Marshmello, the dj, the band just recently collabed with.


The recent feud sparked news when CHVRCHES released a statement being disappointed in Marshmello’s most recent collaboration with Chris Brown and Tyga. Then Chris Brown responded to the statement angrily. His fans then beginning to attack and threaten the band.


The fact that Mayberry could make light of the situation showed her little concern for the threatening of attacks. The thing Mayberry expresses most of their concern was the fact the previous night they were in Texas where intense storms were happening which postponed them from departing on time and thus making them have a later arrival in St. Louis than planned.


The show carried on with the bands playful energy that contributed to the crowds correspondence of reciprocated energy. Fans were dancing, yelling and rocking out with the band.


Mayberry stepped off lead vocals for their song “Science/Visions” and let Doherty take control. His voice compared to Mayberry’s of course produced a different sound but the vibe was still CHVRCHES.


What makes CHVRCHES so different from any other band is not only the trope of music they produce, but also Mayberry’s voice. Her voice is higher pitched than most singers people are use to listening to and it makes their band a stand out.


Mayberry’s voice isn’t the only thing that makes her stand out, her short stature, crazy outfits and makeup all contribute but a personal favorite of mine was her dance moves. She is the epitome of the saying “dance like no one is watching.” Her carefree dancing and twirling made her enjoyable to watch because it was an opus to tell she was having the time of her life.


The band made sure to thank the audience and pointed out all the mercy they saw in the crowd. Also those who took the time to make shirts or even recreate Mayberry’s iconic looks. The band constantly showing appreciation for their loyal fan base.


The band soon reached their encore and came out immediately transitioning into their song that sparked their popularity “The Mother We Share.” The band ended with an upbeat performance of “Never Say Die” getting the crowd to sing along with them.


CHVRCHES brought beautiful music, and a lot of spunk with them to their show. I personally would say never miss a chance to see them, or else you’ll regret it.

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