Programs Yale Needs more than ER&M

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Grace Wynter, DC ’20

This is a satirical piece and does not reflect the views of thee Herald and its contributing writer

Episodes, Re-Runs, and Marathons: In this offshoot to the robust Film and Media Studies Program, students can finally pursue concentration in Broad City and the Built Environment.

Escalators, Ramps, and Moving Sidewalks: The students in this program will one day move the country, by influencing the way America itself moves in this multi-ambulatory discipline.

Embezzlement, Reinvestment, and Market-Capitalization: Yale currently lacks a program that actively teaches its students fiscal audacity. This new course of study will encourage students to step out of legal comfort zones to actualize their potential for accumulating un-taxable capital.

Eviction, Redlining, and (sub-prime) Mortgages: In conjunction with Yale’s new Urban Studies major, this bold program foregrounds practices in urban planning that originated right here at Yale!

Explosions, Refugees, and the Military-Industrial-Complex: A new program housed within the new $200 million Jackson School of Global Affairs.

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