SLU students prepare for life after college

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Students were invited to Chaifetz School of Business on Wednesday, Feb. 1 to attend Make Me An Adult. The event was intended to prepare students for life after college and was organized by Delta Sigma Pi in association with US Bank.

Beginning at 5:30 p.m. in Anheuser Busch Auditorium, students were introduced to all of the speakers and then welcomed to visit whomever they wanted to hear speak in designated rooms throughout the building. The speakers were a number of local professionals provided by US Bank, who all spoke on various topics including Retirement Saving Account Strategies, Basic Budgeting & Saving, How to Pay Less in Taxes (Legally) and Paying Off Student Loans.

According to the Wall Street Journal, “Nearly 65 percent of students do not prepare for their future after college and they find a lifetime of digging out debt and staying away from future financial success.”

The two student co-planners of the event were Marissa Oxendine and Charles Elliott. Oxendine is a first-year International Business and Marketing student who joined Delta Sigma Pi at the recommendation of her older sister. Elliott is a senior Economics major who joined the professional fraternity for its networking potential.

“The premise of the event is learning the financial and adulting skills that the classroom doesn’t teach you,” explained Oxendine. She went on to stress that the event is not just for Business School students. “We realize that most majors will not get a chance to learn these valuable life skills in a classroom setting. We want to bring the classroom to them.”

According to Elliott, there are often many small and technical details that graduates easily miss. “For example, it hurts your credit if you consistently spend a large fraction of the credit available on your credit card,” he said. “That’s something you wouldn’t know if you didn’t speak to an expert.”

Both co-planners welcome students or interested parties to email for further inquiries into Make Me An Adult or Delta Sigma Pi.

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