Lakeland nurse fired after racial post went public

A nurse at Lakeland Regional Hospital was fired from her job after posting a photo depicting a racial slur to Snapchat.

Alexandra Peach was an employee at Lakeland Regional Hospital until her termination for a racial slur social media post.

Alexandra Peach lost her job Monday night after attention was drawn to a photo she posted on her Snapchat story. The picture showed Peach’s face with the N-word written in black marker on her forehead.

The caption to Peach’s photo included quotes from her husband, James Peach. According to a Facebook post of the derogatory photo, Peach claimed her husband held her down and wrote the racial slur on her forehead as a joke.

According to Newsweek,  James Peach is currently attending the Kenneth C. Thompson Institute of Public Safety Academy at Polk State College and received a scholarship from the Polk County Sheriff’s Office.

Students at Florida Southern College are not happy after viewing the photo posted and reviewing the situation.

Joe K. and Alberta Blanton Nursing Building at Florida Southern College.

“My first reaction was anger and disgust,” Drianna Lynch, a Junior nursing major at Florida Southern, said. “In 2018, how can people still be ignorant to how degrading words can be?”

According to the photo, Peach wrote that she did not want to make dinner for her husband because she just cleaned the house, then said “Does it look like I have the word ****** written across my forehead.”

“It hurts me that the campaigns of equality were not being reached to ears and that my color and gender brought those thoughts to her head, literally,” Lynch said. “I’m also hurt that to some people my race is still considered slaves.”

Peach was terminated from Lakeland Regional Hospital shortly after her Facebook post went viral.

Lakeland Regional Hospital terminated Peach immediately after receiving news of the photo posted.

“The only thing positive about this situation is that Lakeland Regional Hospital understood that this was unacceptable, and fired someone that went against the positive thinking that I believe our future generation is going towards,” Lynch said.

With the growth of social media, and the continuation of its impact in society today, it is important to account for the things posted online.

“It’s always important to keep in mind what your posting and where your posting it,” Cassidy Jones, a Junior communications major at Florida Southern, said. “No matter what your privacy settings are, you are putting out content on the internet that can potentially reach anyone, anywhere.”

The investigation of the situation is still occuring and no recent statements have been made.

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