New Social Support Forum for College Students

College-exclusive social platform, ePEERS, empowers students to ask for advice, offer friendship and share support with peers 

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High Point, N.C.– (November 29, 2017) – ePEERS, a new social media network exclusive to college students, has launched a website and app to foster meaningful connections between students. This social network brings students together by encouraging them to share interests, plus academic, career and personal advice with peers at their own university or with college students across the nation.

The new social media platform offers numerous features that other social media sites do not. Key differences include exclusivity and optional anonymity for students to discuss their questions and concerns and solicit advice without fear of exposure to their parents, faculty or professional contacts. The ability to remain anonymous and report offensive content allows students to feel safe expressing concerns, asking questions or responding to other students.

ePEERS offers three key benefits to college students:
1) Ask advice on personal, academic or professional topics.
2) Offer friendship through community connections such as friend groups, topic groups, school groups or affinity groups.
3) Share support by posting comments, providing helpful tips and giving emotional encouragement.

Many college students face the challenges of anxiety, stress and even depression every day. ePEERS is a safe, judgment-free environment for students to seek and provide mutual encouragement. ePEERS also provides students in need with access to information and resources through links to The Jed Foundation (JED).

“ePEERS is an uplifting social platform that inspires student success throughout their college careers with helpful tips, emotional support and encouragement about college life,” said Joe Purisky, President of ePEERS.

“I truly believe ePEERS will improve the mental well-being of students across the country and provide friendship and support in ways that have never been done before,” Purisky said.

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About ePEERS: 
Established in 2017, ePEERS is a social network created exclusively for college students to ask advice, offer friendship and share support. Unlike other social platforms, this exclusive network, initially funded by nonprofit organizations, offers features such as optional anonymity and community groups, which provide students with a safe, judgment-free atmosphere to ask questions, post comments and write blog posts. For more information visit

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