College Press Releases: Why to Focus on the Parents

When marketing to college students, obviously you need to grab their attention, but there is another group you should pay attention to also: their parents.

Here are some things to think about when writing press releases to include for targeting college student parents.

Parents of college students are often the money source

College students enjoy spending money and buying products or using services to make their lives easier. While different generations of students are attracted to various types of advertising and respond in unique ways, it’s important to remember one thing. Yes, students are always searching for the next best thing to buy, but here’s the issue: college students don’t usually have money.

Many college students are unable to balance both work and school, and thus the image of the poor college student eating ramen noodles comes to mind. When students do not have the cash to get what they want, they turn to other methods to get the money, and one of the most common sources to check is their parents. Focusing on the parents — the money holders — then, might result in more business!

Parents can still influence their students

Though college students tend to move out of their parents’ home when they go off to college, they are still tied to their home and to their parents. Maybe their parents are still┬ápaying for everything, or the students are just close to their parents. Students still have questions and often turn to their parents for advice and help on solving problems.

Thus, parents still influence their college-going children, and if you add some information into your press release that somehow speaks to the parents, they are more likely to tell their children about it and to encourage them to use the product/service. Write your release in a way that focuses on things like college student safety, benefits of using the product/service, and aspects of your release that are free. Though parents are more likely to spend money for their children, no one can pass up free stuff!

Maybe it’s time to switch up your marketing strategy to focus on college parents. Try some of these tips and post your press release to