3 Ways to Create Compelling College Press Releases

Crafting compelling press releases is important for increasing your content’s visibility among college students and to make your products and services stand out to this specific audience.

Here are three ways to get started on creating the best college press releases.

1. Pick the perfect title

Keep in mind what college students want and need, and focus on these needs in your press release titles. On the most basic level, students focus on food, money, grades, and a social life. Using a title that includes keywords from these categories will increase the chances that students will be interested in your press release.

Use a short title that quickly tells students how you can meet their needs. If you are offering something to students for free, highlight this in your title; students love freebies! Incorporate numbers and questions in your title to make your release click-worthy.

2. Quickly get to the point

Students tend to read through news items quickly, as they are used to scrolling through large amounts of information in short amounts of time via social media. Summarize your main points in your press release right away in case students simply scan the first paragraph of your release and move on. This way, students will still get the gist of your piece and not miss something important by not reading the entire press release.

Another helpful addition to your press release is utilizing bulleted lists of information, which are short and offer easy-to-read bits of information for busy students. Bullet points will stand out on the page and catch the eye of those simply scanning your press release.

3. Include graphics and multimedia elements

Using appropriate graphics and multimedia elements increases the readability of your press release. Students don’t respond to text-heavy articles, but they do like photos, videos, charts/graphs, and infographics. Students read enough for their classes. Chunking your information into smaller bits broken up by multimedia elements will increase the chance that students read your press release.

Using these elements also increases the chance that someone will link to your content and adds value to your page for search engines.

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