4 Ways to Turn a College Campus Into a Company Advertisement

One of the best ways to reach college students is to meet them where they are: on campus. There are many ways to turn your target colleges and universities into one huge advertisement for your company — below are four of them!

1. Sidewalk chalk/flyers

Add some color to campus with sidewalk chalk and flyers. Create vibrant, interesting flyers advertising your company and your product and/or services to catch students’ attention as they pass by campus bulletin boards on the way to class. Or, consider grabbing some sidewalk chalk and take to the main areas of campus to draw up some clever ground advertisements. Students will walk over these artistic ads on their way to class and look up your company out of curiosity. Consider adding your social media handles to your chalk creation.

Make sure to get permission from the proper campus authorities before chalking or flyering! This is also a fun task for your company interns, especially if you hope to advertise on their campus! They know all the best spots on campus and can better ensure the flyers and chalkings are seen.

2. Sponsor student events

College students love to attend off-campus events, but a large majority of students may not have cars on campus or may have classes they cannot miss. So, consider meeting students where they are and sponsor some on-campus student events over a few hours or for the entire day; this allows students to attend your event in between their classes and to stop by to see what’s going on on their way to or from work or school.

Consider playing music and setting up some games. Also, offer students free or discounted food and drinks, coupons, and possible samples of your products. Teaming up with a food truck or other companies can make your event larger and attract more attention. Make sure to advertise the event on social media and work with the college campus to get the word out.

3. Give out freebies

Instead of hosting your own on-campus event, attend some annual campus events such as beginning-of-the-semester involvement fairs or other similar events. Set up your own table and use word of mouth to advertise your business. Bring along some freebies to pass out during the event. This way, when students use or wear your products around campus, you gain free advertising!

Some freebies to consider are t-shirts, coffee mugs, pens, flash drives, tote bags, notebooks, stickers, and more. Any type of product you can put your name and logo on is fair game. Remember to bring along some vibrant signs or free food/candy to pass out to attract students to your table.

4. Campus media ads

It never hurts to go the traditional route when trying to turn a college campus into one huge advertisement. Hit up campus media and place ads in college newspapers (in print and online), in campus magazines, and on campus TV stations. Perhaps you could get a spot during a student radio show or at a sporting event. Anytime you can get your name in front of students puts you on the radar of your target audience.

Here’s another way to get your name in front of students: virtually! Post your press release to UWire.com.