Marketing Focus: What Millennial College Students Value

Each new generation of people encompasses certain characteristics and holds different core values dear depending on what they find important and meaningful. Millennials are no different when it comes to valuing specific things in life as compared to other generations. In marketing to college students, it is often an effective idea to incorporate millennial values in order to stand out to this audience.

Here are a few things millennial college students value that might change the way you market to this group.


An article on Inc. claimed the number one thing millennials value is experience. A Harris Poll showed 78 percent of Millennials would rather spend money on an experience they wanted to have over an item they wanted. Students would rather spend money on an experience than something they wanted to buy, like a car or brand-name clothing. Experiences allow students to make memories, as well as shape students as people.

Because millennials find happiness in what they experience, you can better target this audience by promoting the experiences behind your products and services more than the products themselves. If you show millennials the types of memories they can make with your product, they could be more likely to buy into your company or organization.


Millennials are highly connected to the world around them. The evolution of the internet, Wi-Fi, laptops, smartphones, and other technologies enable millennials to instantly and constantly access news, entertainment, friends, strangers, and more. More millennials than not own a smartphone and many use the internet as their main source for information and news.

This form of hyper-connection makes millennials one of the easiest audiences to reach from a marketing standpoint; to start, simply increase your online presence and stay active online, through social media, and on mobile to stay connected to millennials.

What Millennial College Students Value



According to an article on Gallup, millennials also value change and unrestraint. Millennial college students work to find change in the marketplace and the workplace, rather than simply accepting things for the way they have always been. This group wants to be approached differently, with their ideal customer experience involving more digital channels. Millennials value new and exciting things that allow them to change the way they approach their studies, their jobs, and their social lives. When you can somehow include the concept of change in what you are trying to express, you will better capture the attention of millennials.

Add these three ideas into your press release and submit to to start hooking millennial college students today!