How to Market Your Startup to College Students

Do you have an awesome startup you want college students to know about? Here are some ways to market your startup to college students.

1. Get on campus

One of the best ways to spread news to college students is through word of mouth. Get on college campuses and start talking about your startup. Consider visiting classes to speak about how to start a business, and include discussion about the services you offer. Participate in any on-campus fairs to promote your startup and offer free products like cups and hats that equate to free advertising for you.

2. Involve students

College students keep an eye out for jobs, especially part-time job opportunities they can fit in between classes. Consider hiring a few students to serve as student ambassadors for your start-up and have them hand out samples of your product at events and popular campus spots. Student brand managers will help you spread the word. Or, consider getting in touch with a few student organizations (like fraternities or sororities) and see what kind of partnership you can establish for promoting your products.

3. Keep student budgets in mind

College students are typically limited on funds, so try marketing your products and services that fit best within their scarce budgets. Offer student discounts to show students you understand their plight, or host contests or giveaways to help students earn your products for free. For instance, you could have students share a photo of themselves using your product on campus, or have them follow all of your social media pages. Students tend to seek out deals and flock towards businesses offering high-quality products and services that suit their budget.

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4. Use the internet

Utilize targeted ads on social media to reach your specific college student audience (Greek life students, international students, male or female students, etc). Develop a creative, interactive voice through platforms like Facebook and Twitter and grow your college student audience over time. Create press releases about your startup to digitally introduce your products and services to students. The internet offers many ways to market your startup!

After you create your press release, submit to to start reaching college students today!