4 Ways to Craft College Press Release Titles

Ah, the supreme mystery and intricacies of the college student mind, like a twisting and turning, unknown labyrinth. Grabbing college students’ attention depends on your understanding of their needs, wants, and deepest desires – as well as a catchy press release title.

Follow these tips to writing college press release titles that will attract the college student audience.



1. Remember what college students need

Though there are many things students want, they first must focus on their needs. Most basically, these include food, money, grades, and a social life. If what you are offering metes one of these needs, students will start to pay attention. Offering any way to meet these needs for free gives you bonus points (free food, free apps, etc.)!

2. Keep it short, sweet, and to the point

Use one sentence or less in your press release to tell students what you are offering and how it meets their needs. Students constantly scroll through the internet and social media pages in between (or during!) classes or work. Students decide in an instant whether or not something is worth their time, and so it is important to capture and hold their interest quickly with your title.

3. Be honest and transparent

Though you want to create an appealing title to get students to read your press release, stay true to what you are really offering. College students value transparency in marketing, and dislike deceptive marketers bombarding them with ads. Don’t use words like free if you really mean that students have to pay to use your app, or mislead students with stats that could mean multiple things.

4. Make it shareable

Titles are the first thing people notice when they scroll through social media or online news pages. These are what draw people in and cause them to click and read your content. The more interesting and engaging your title is, the more likely it will be shared by students via their social media pages. Make your title click-worthy by incorporating elements such as numbers and questions.

Time to gain a following! Write up your press release, give it a catchy title, and submit to UWire.com.