The Multimedia Elements Students Want to See in Your Press Release

As a child, which books did you prefer to read: the heavy text-laden tomes or the colorful, bright, and fun stories filled mostly with pictures and interactive elements? More than likely, your eye caught the pages of the latter.

The same is true today. Which type of articles do you find yourself reading online? According to, when you publish an article with an image, you receive 94 percent more views than when you publish a text-only piece. Thinking back to the children’s book idea, this makes sense; using media in anything makes it more intriguing and interesting, adding something else to look at or watch on the page.


So why should you add multimedia to your press release? offers up how using multimedia adds value to your content marketing, including:

•Increasing user engagement

•Breaking up text, making it easier to read

•Helping your content perform better on social media

•Adding value to your pages for search engines

•Increasing the likelihood someone will link to your content

What types of multimedia can you add to your press release for UWire? Try one of the following options.

1. Photos 

Perhaps one of the easiest options to add to your post is a photo. Consider including a photo that highlights your product or service. Even better — use pictures of college students using your product or service. Use photos unique to your company rather than stock photos to really grab students’ attention.

2. Videos

Have you created a video highlighting what you are all about? Add the video or a link to the video in your press release! Students love watching videos, as they add an interactive element to your text and paint a better picture of what your company represents. If you don’t have a video, create one! Try to include college students to better connect with your audience.

3. Infographics

Sometimes all it takes is an infographic to catch someone’s attention. Infographics prove visually stimulating and unique, capturing the attention of younger consumers. Numerous designs now exist for creating infographics. According to, the brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than plain text — which basically means adding visual elements to your press release is great for the on-the-go college student that only wants to spend a few minutes reading your release.

4. Charts/Graphs

Expand on your points in the good old fashioned way: through charts and graphs. These visual elements break up your text and change what you are saying into an attention-grabbing image. Show your data or highlight important attributes about your product or service with a chart or graph. Use charts and graphs to show trends and patterns in a gripping, visually stimulating way.

It’s your turn! Add some multimedia elements into your press release and submit to!