3 Ways to Get Your Name in Front of College Students

Your mission: to capture and hold the attention of college students everywhere.

This generation of college student millennials likes to spend money on items or brands they appreciate and connect to. However, before they can buy the product, they need to know you exist! Here are three ways to get your name and brand in front of college students.

1. Face-to-face

Sure, students love to use technology and stay updated on all social media channels. But, sometimes the best way to reach college students is through face-to-face marketing. Get on campus to engage college students directly and to get them involved! Hire some on-campus brand advisors to represent you and get them to start chatting with students.

Create special events and campaigns that directly involve students, such as contests where students can win your product by completing tasks, or campus parties featuring your products and services. Stay in close contact with student organizations relevant to your brand and use these groups for help with spreading the word about your company. Partner with universities for on-campus events where you can hand out your product and put your name in front of students. Developing a strong presence on a college campus ensures students will know about you.



2. Social engagement 

By now you are likely already represented on various social media channels (and if not, it’s time to develop your strong online presence). Use social media to help you promote events and campaigns to students by posting compelling content to build anticipation and excitement. Encourage your student followers to post about your events and products on their social media channels as a way to spread the word about your brand even further. Students trust their fellow students and want to know what they like and connect with, and so the more students post about you, the more your campaign extends beyond your company reach. Recognize that simply creating a social media account and gaining followers achieves only so much on its own — the engagement with your consumers and their engagement with each other is where it counts.

3. Freebies and discounts

If there is one thing students love to do it is to save money. Offer students discounts and freebies whenever possible to spread your name across campus. Going on campus for an event? Bring along some pens, bags or other swag with your brand name published on the product. Students love free swag, and when they use the products, other students will see your name and remember you. Campus-wide events bring thousands of students to you — all you have to do is show up and entice students to your table with coupons or other goodies! Think useful and small items like flash drives or drink holders; don’t feel like you have to spend a fortune on freebies. Students will love the thought of anything being free, giving you some easy marketing tools as students carry their new tote bag or use their new cup in their dorm.

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