Exclusive campus app bans professors and launches into 30 campuses!

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New York City – Tapt is an exclusive campus app that has successfully finished 60 days of beta testing in three New York City colleges. After 9.1 million impressions, the team has decided to expand to 30 new campuses. The app allows students to create memes, videos and other content to share with their entire campus as their real profile or anonymously. Banning of all college professors was to ensure that students had a place just to themselves.

Watch the #gettapt video that got over 119,000 views

Tapt was founded in January 2016 when one day, co-founder and college senior Andrew Boryk finished his class only to notice no one was really sticking around the campus. This lack of school spirit became the foundation on which the app is built on.

The signup process requires students to use their .edu email, providing users a verified community. Students are also allowed to message anyone from campus, unless otherwise blocked. This, combined with the banning of all school personnel allows users to feel comfortable when posting to their campus feed.

Lastly, Tapt believes that users should meet new people and do interesting things on campus beyond their freshmen year. In hopes of connecting students cross-campus, the global section shows trending topics from all colleges!

Here is a Tapt blogpost of what our users are saying about the first presidential debate

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Nabeel Alamgir
CEO and co-founder