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iFlipd allows short-term textbook rentals with weekly rental model
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PORTLAND, OR – September 19, 2016: The genius of iFlipd is in the flexibility, as students can rent textbooks by the week in print or digital. iFlipd launched the industry’s first weekly textbook rental service, empowering students to break up the cost of textbooks and only pay for the weeks they really need them. Obviously, for some classes students need a book for the entire semester. Now they have free financing by breaking up book payments into small weekly installments. But what about classes where students only use a book for two-weeks of the term?

This is where students can really save with iFlipd. Students can rent a book for the initial assignment and flip it back after the paper or quiz. Grab it again for the mid-term, and then at the end of the term to study for the final. Now students are only paying for those scattered weeks throughout the term when they really need the books. No more paying full price for six books that the professor assigned for class.


“Students should have more affordable choices when it comes to textbooks, and iFlipd fills that void by letting them decide when to pay and for how long,” said Kati Radziwon, iFlipd CEO and founder. “We have students across 319 cities from campuses such as Oregon, UCLA, Florida, and NYU that are saving money renting by week. By giving students flexibility with their books, they are now in control of their costs like never before.”

Accounts are free with plenty of opportunities for students to earn free books using a points system. Every new account gets a free weekly rental, and every friend they invite, earns points towards free books and more. iFlipd has textbook rentals as low as $2 a week and college students are saving more than $600 a year.

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iFlipd is the first weekly rental textbook platform that allows students to pay for only the weeks they really need textbooks. With the first pay-as-you-go model students are empowered to break up the traditional cost of textbooks. For more information please visit:

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