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Humorous Social Challenge Campaign Asks Millennials to “Give Us Your Tomorrow” to Help Children in Need of a Better Tomorrow

Indianapolis, IN (April 8, 2014) Building Tomorrow (BT) today announced the launch of a new social media campaign, which uses humor to generate awareness and funds to help the organization construct self-sustained, village-run primary schools in rural Uganda.

The campaign invites people to challenge their social following on facebook, twitter and Instagram to post a humorous picture or video of themselves during the month of April (National Humor Month) using the hash tag #giveusyourtomorrow.  The “challenger” is encouraged to challenge four or more of their friends and to make a $2 minimum donation for each person that accepts the challenge.  Participants can select from three challenges:

  • Share a photo that bares their best “bedhead”
    • Ad copy:  “Some charities ask for a lot of money.  We just want you to sacrifice your vanity.”
  • Post an embarrassing photo of themselves from their adolescence
    • Ad copy:  “The haircut that did nothing for you can do a lot for an East African kid”
  • Share a video of themselves singing their heart out
    • Ad copy:  “You’ll never make the top 40 here.  But you’ll make a lot of fans in Uganda.”

The campaign will also feature video by illustrator Brian Rae and animator Pablo Declan; with music from English folk/rock band Noah and the Whale and campaign promotional content produced with ABOVE AVERAGE COMEDY NETWORK.

The campaign was developed based on insights learned during proprietary research conducted for BT by Young & Laramore, which involved 250 men and women ages 18-24.  These millennials are doers and therefore looking to be engaged versus being told.  They also have a strong desire to give what they have (even if it is a small amount) to organizations they see as making a difference and align with their values.  Although, they routinely feel duped into giving under the premise of a small amount per month only to have to pay it all at once.

“The campaign was designed not to guilt people to donate, but to engage those who want to make a difference,” said George Srour, Founder and Chief Dreamer, Building Tomorrow.  “We also recognize that people want to give, but may not be able to make large single donations.  Each BT primary school costs approximately $70,000, so every 8,750 people that make an $8 donation will help to fund one new school for 315 children in need.”

The organization has the support of the Clinton Global Initiative and proudly hosted President Bill Clinton and his daughter Chelsea at the Building Tomorrow primary school of Gita back in 2012.  While there, they visited teachers and students in classrooms, watched dances by the school choir and greeted hundreds of community members gathered at the academy.  Archbishop Desmond Tutu also serves as Honorary Chair of the organization.

During the March 2014 Global Education and Skills Forum, in Dubai, President Clinton noted, “I actually have been in one of those schools in the last three years and two of the teachers I saw teaching children I would have been thrilled to have as my own daughter’s teachers.”

How Building Tomorrow Works
Founded in 2006, the social-profit organization is aiming to enroll 15,000 primary-level students annually in 60 BT primary schools throughout East Africa by 2016.  The organization chose to start with Uganda because more than 50 percent of the population is under the age of 15.  Shockingly, only 1.4 percent of all charitable donations are earmarked for education, even though 776 million people worldwide are illiterate.  Building Tomorrow works with government and local leaders to identify communities in rural Uganda with little or no access to a primary school and a strong commitment to education.  With the goal of engaging and empowering communities, the organization offers to fund building materials and skilled labor in return for a donation of three acres of land, 15,000 hours of labor and a community’s promise to support the school long-term.

“Infrastructure drives change and ownership strengthens communities,” said Srour.  “We’re asking you to consider giving us your tomorrow, so these children can have a better tomorrow.  We envision a world where every child with a desire to learn has a safe, permanent, local and supportive environment in which to do so.”

Over the last five years, supporters of BT, including a college and university network of over 25 chapters nationwide, have invested more than $1.5 million in Uganda to seed 20 BT primary schools, 14 of which are currently operational.  The remaining six primary schools are under construction and planning.  Beyond graduation rates, success is also measured by new connections within the community and in an increased sense of self-worth among students.

Consumers can donate via the Building Tomorrow website and follow the organization on facebook and twitter @BldgTomorrow.  The new campaign was developed by Young & Laramore Advertising, in Indianapolis, Indiana.

About Building Tomorrow
Building Tomorrow (BT) is an international social-profit organization empowering young people to invest their resources, time & talents in providing students in East Africa with access to an education. Over the last five years, supporters of BT, including a college network of over 25 chapters nationwide, have invested more than $1.5 million to seed 20 BT primary schools, 14 of which are currently operational. The remaining six primary schools are under construction and planning.  For more information, visit

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