‘Gangnam Style’ jumps in front of ‘Baby’ for top YouTube spot

By Chris Alcantara

PSY officially galloped his way to the top of the YouTube world.

With more than 817 million views, the 34-year-old South Korean singer’s “Gangnam Style” music video became the most watched YouTube video of all time, the website announced on its Trends blog Saturday.

As of Sunday night, “Gangnam Style” surpassed Justin Bieber’s’ 2010 “Baby” music video by about 15 million views.

The video features PSY galloping and singing in a variety of locations, including a stable, bus, tennis court and female yoga class.

Park Jae-sang, whose stage name is PSY, wrote the song as a satirical interpretation of the Gangnam District of Seoul.

The song, which is sung mostly in Korean, has found its way into American nightclub playlists, a “Saturday Night Live” sketch and even the Pride of the Sunshine ’s gameday set list.

Following the July release of “Gangnam Style,” the video went viral in August. It continues to receive about seven to 10 million views a day, according to the blog, and the keywords “Gangnam Style” and “PSY” have been the top searches on YouTube in the last six months.

PSY’s YouTube channel has also received more than one billion collective video views — two billion shy of Bieber’s channel.

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