Taylor Swift reveals arsenal of promotional singles for new studio album

By Evan Fowler

Country-pop star Taylor Swift tests her musical boundaries as she leaves fans excited and curious as to what they can expect on her upcoming fourth studio album, “Red,” when it releases on Oct. 22.

Swift has released four promotional singles on iTunes from her newest album in which fans see her taking her music in different directions when compared to older records. The list of released singles, all of which have hit the number one spot on iTunes Top 10, each have a different flavor of the Taylor Swift fans may or may not know.

The first single, “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,” shows Swift teaming up with hit making producer Max Martin, who has worked with artists like Britney Spears and Katy Perry. Together they have created a song that is less Nashville and more “Top 40” worthy. With a catchy hook and up-tempo pace, this “all-girl’s anthem” will be a sing-along favorite.

“Begin Again” is a self-written and composed piece showcasing Swift’s falsetto in the chorus against a simple music composition that brings back a classic country version the Swift fans have come to love. “Begin Again” is a love story that is told in a mature and romantic manner that classic country fans will be able to appreciate.

One of the most cross-marketable songs released in the promotional period is the song that shares the album title of “Red.” Another song written and composed alone, Swift paints a vibrant picture of a failed relationship that still has a hold on her emotions. The song has a musical composition that can be appreciated by pop and country fans alike. Swift seamlessly intertwines the genres and provides strong vocals on a catchy chorus.

The fourth single is one with the most risk and change for Swift’s musical sound known and loved by fans. “I Knew You Were Trouble” showcases Swift taking her pop-rock sound to a new level by inserting “dubstep” breakdowns to appeal to the masses. The song describes an on-coming relationship that ends badly even though there were signs of trouble from the start.

The promotional singles clearly would lead fans to believe that Swift and her management have decided to experiment heavily, trying to appeal to a new audience while keeping the current fans intact. Only Oct. 22 will reveal what the complete album “Red” has in store for fans.

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