Album review: Green Day’s new release goes back to their roots

By Priscella Vega

Since the rise of dubstep and house music, the mainstream music scene has been missing traditional rock and roll. However, the rock band Green Day is bound to change that status with their latest album release, “¡Uno!”

The album is like a kaleidoscope of influences from their previous albums, such as “Kerplunk!,”  “Warning” and “Dookie,” but still manages to sound like something new.

Green Day’s album kicks off with “Nuclear Family,” a song that sounds like a throwback to their 1997 record “Nimrod.” The track is a head-banging electric guitar track with catchy solos and riffs, almost similar to something the Ramones’ would have created.

Their track “Carpe Diem” has a simple but enthralling melody, and it moves the album along nicely.  Despite the music sounding upbeat and positive, the song’s lyrics criticize the cliché ways that the Latin phrase “carpe diem” is used in our culture.

Before the band released their full album for streaming, three singles had been released: “Oh Love,” “Kill The DJ” and “Let Yourself Go.” These songs gave the world a glimpse at the throwback sound that Green Day will deliver us with this album.

“Let Yourself Go” is a signature Green Day track with a raw and in-your-face attitude that would have felt at home on their classic 1994 release “Dookie.” The anthem has a simple chorus that’s easy enough for anyone to sing along to but creates a surprising passion and anger at just over three minutes. The track will certainly be a real treat to experience live.

“Kill The DJ” is one of the most diverse tracks on the album. Instead of a typical bass line blended in the background of a snazzy guitar solo, the track relies heavily on a funky bass lick. The slow and whimsical sound is paired with lyrics that ridicule traditional top 40 tracks, which is ironic due to the fact that Green Day has been played heavily on the radio in the past decade.

By the last few songs, the album starts to waver in energy. The songs aren’t necessarily disappointing, but it feels like the album came to a halt too soon.

“¡Uno!” is much like a mix of Green Day’s discography. Influences from past records are easily intertwined within their new songs. Green Day managed to craft a new album that steers clear of creating another political concept album and instead creates a collection of songs with just enough spark to bring back old fans and gain a generation of new ones.

“¡Uno!” will be released on Sept. 25 and is the first of a trilogy of albums, with the next two albums, “¡Dos!” and “¡Tré!,” being released Nov. 13 and Jan. 15, 2013 respectively. These albums will be available for purchase on or iTunes.

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