Comedian Lewis Black brings laughs

By Katlyn Harrison

Comedian Lewis Black brings laughs
With a string of curse words and a long list of rants about many of the problems with the world, Lewis Black performed before a student-filled audience at Penn State U. last night.Upon stepping out on the stage and receiving a round of applause, Black made jokes about how the students in the audience should be back in their rooms studying. He began his performance by yelling out that everyone in the audience should calm down, because “tonight [was] a school night.”Throughout the performance, Black addressed a wide range of topics, informing audience members that today’s generation is addicted to cell phones, social networking and “multi-tasking,” which he referred to as simply “not getting sh-t done.”Black also made jokes about famous celebrities, like Kim Kardashian, and explained in a long rant that he still doesn’t understand how she got famous. He also frowned upon anyone that had supported her and purchased the perfume he didn’t think she deserved to have for “doing nothing.”

Black threw in a bunch of political jokes about Rick Santorum, political parties and the candidates in the running.

Besides the political jokes that he threw in his act, Black also took the time to put the jokes aside and address something that was really close to the university’s heart — the news that broke about the Jerry Sandusky child sex abuse case.

PSU student Caitlin Hutton thought he did a great job noting the news surrounding Penn State.

“I appreciate that he addressed what happened and didn’t try to make fun of it,” Hutton said.

When he was getting ready to walk offstage, Black made sure to give the students advice on their college years. He told students to do what they want to do, and not what their parents or anyone else tells them to do.

He also said not to let what happened to the university affect their years on campus.

“Don’t let them take away these years from you,” Black said with a softer tone as he looked out into the students in the audience. “These are the best years of your life.”

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