Column: 84th Academy Awards fashion follow-up

By Chelsea Gilpin

Nothing tickles my fashion fancy like Oscar season. It is when Hollywood displays glamour at its finest and for a night I get to feast my eyes on designer dress heaven. Every year, there are a few select gowns that catch my eye. Here are my standouts from the 84th Annual Academy awards.

A definite favorite of the evening was Jessica Chastain’s Alexander McQueen gown. The sheer detailing of the dress was astonishing, and she kept everything else simple, which I loved. The silhouette created by the structured bodice with the flowing skirt was gorgeous on her and she floated down the red carpet.

I love watching Milla Jovovich kick zombie butt in the “Resident Evil” series, and she translated onto her first red carpet like a dream with her homage to old Hollywood glamour in Elie Saab. The white beading offset by her dark features was stunning, and the makeup, including white nails and an iconic red lip, finished off the look.

Michelle Williams was a clear favorite. She has always been a fashion icon of mine and was one of the reasons that I decided to chop off all of my hair. This Louis Vuitton may be one of the most controversial dresses, as I feel that it will either be loved or hated.

I loved everything about the dress. The color, which I could best describe as persimmon, was stunning against on her ivory skin. The bust line was very flattering without revealing too much and the details such as the rhinestone bow and mock skirt were beautiful. While her makeup washed her out considerably and I could have done without the necklace, she was by far my favorite of the evening.

While some dazzled me, a few ladies were rather lack luster.

I did not like Anne-Sophie Bion’s dress at all. It honestly looked like she was showing up to an ABC (anything but clothing) party in a very ill-fitting jumbo trash bag.

I absolutely adored Kelly Osbourne’s vintage beaded gown, but the lavender hair did absolutely nothing for me. The way I see it, with hair color you either go big or go home. To me, it looked like she dyed her hair purple three days ago and desperately tried to wash it out before the event.

Heading up my favorite gentleman were George Clooney and Jonah Hill. Clooney looked sexy as ever in his plain, yet classic tuxedo and Hill looked absolutely adorable in his bow tie.

Every year, the class and glamour of the red carpet continually impress me, and the 84th Annual Academy Awards were no different.

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