Column: Embarrassing Facebook posts lead to horrible first impressions

By Jade Sheldon

Gone are the days of two people casually asking each other about their hobbies, favorite foods, religion, political views and their past relationships on first dates. Now you can go on Facebook and look through pictures of people and their exes, assuming their exes have not untagged and deleted them mid-breakup. Before you know it, you will see pictures of the guy you thought you liked wearing white sunglasses in between two girls clutching a Coors on spring break in Cancun.

Next time the guy or girl you are “talking to” decides to friend request you, consider these pointers before accepting them and exposing yourself electronically.

Refrain from posting emo statuses

No one cares that “all guys/girls are the same.” We tend to gravitate toward happy people. Updating your status about your flaky friends or love interest that took you out to dinner and hasn’t been heard from since makes you seem like a negative Nester.

Keep your “about me” info to a minimum

It should be a privilege for that special person to learn more about who you are. Part of the excitement and purpose of a first, second and third date is for you and your date to get to know each other’s quirks, hobbies and what makes them tick. It’s only human nature to value something more if not everyone can have it. Don’t share everything about yourself on your Facebook page — it depreciates your value to others.

Review your Facebook likes and groups

Do not “like” Facebook pages such as “Blondes do it better” and “Mom, mom, mommy, ma, mom, mom, ma, ma, mommy, mommy… WHAT!!… hi!” These Facebook “likes” are pointless and clog up your page. You can still like “Family Guy,” you just don’t have to prove your devotion by “liking” a Stewie quote. You may be the most intellectual person in Reno who likes to immerse yourself in the readings of F. Scott Fitzgerald and Ernest Hemingway. However, if the first thing someone sees on your page is a “Family Guy” quote, they may not take you seriously.

Don’t upload questionable pictures

I’m glad you had a fun night, but seeing you drunk with a shot glass in your hand making out with your lust interest of the night is not going to make going on a date with you seem more appetizing to anyone. Keep these pictures off your page and let them live on your computer instead.  Although I shamefully owned a pair of white Juicy Couture sunglasses in the 10th grade, I have thankfully matured and moved on to aviators. White sunglasses, especially for men, make you seem like a tool. So please, if you are going to take the risk of wearing them, don’t leave evidence of it on Facebook.

If after reading this you decide you are too attached to your Facebook page as is, do what I do. Do not accept your love interest’s friend request until after the fifth date. By then if they still like you, make it official and become Facebook friends. While Facebook can be an ideal icebreaker, remember that it also has the potential to be a deal breaker.

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