Column: Engage in lots of sex to prevent, treat cold and flu

By Tarah Bowser

It’s flu season and with the new semester starting, you’re all back in the germ-infested lecture rooms, making you easy targets for those nasty bugs. But like always, I come to you with some very provocative information.

Having sex is one of the best ways to cope with being sick. Not only does sex have magical healing powers, it also helps prevent illness in the first place. Wouldn’t it be great to avoid your nose from becoming an endless snot fountain, hacking up a lung and those damn pains associated with being sick?

When you orgasm, your body releases an antibody called immunoglobulin A or IgA. This fantastic antibody helps protect the body by fighting off colds and other infections and viruses.

In a study done with college students, saliva samples were taken from students who reported having sex frequently, students who were abstinent and students who rarely had sex. And whose spit contained more IgA? The having-loads-of- sex ones, obviously, because sex strengthens the immune system.

Orgasms release a hormone, which I like to call the “Little O Factor.” The hormone oxytocin is released during an orgasm for both men and women. When oxytocin surges, it results in an increase of endorphins. Awesome. But what does that mean? Endorphins reduce pain. If you have a headache or body pains you will feel instant relief after that wonderful orgasm. Disclaimer: Does not apply if orgasm is faked.

One of the worst parts of being sick is dealing with a stuffy nose. What’s worse than not being able to breathe?

Having sex can also temporarily relieve the olfactory system. The hormone prolactin is released, causing neurons to fire in your olfactory bulb. When this happens, sense of smell is heightened and sinuses clear up. I recommend this right before bed. Sleep is more more attainable when you can actually breathe and we all know sleep does wonders while being under the weather.

The olfactory bulb also affects sense of taste. So, if you are sick and want to enjoy a meal, sex is the best appetizer. Maybe even spice things up by getting frisky in the kitchen. Just be sure to heavily disinfect the area before cooking dinner.

Getting in the mood when sick may be challenging, but just think of all the benefits that await you, such as finally clearing up that stuffy nose and relieving that fever.

If your partner is taking good care of you, they will not only bring you that chicken noodle soup and cold medicine, but many orgasms as well. Maybe the two of you could throw some doctor/patient role-play into the mix. Just be careful with that mouth-to-mouth contact.

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