U. Nebraska-Lincoln enrollment sees substantial increase

By Amanda Stoffel

If the crowds of students walking across the U. Nebraska-Lincoln campus look larger this year, it’s probably because they are.

With the fall semester in full swing, UNL is bustling with students — 24,610 students to be exact.

Last week, the university announced its enrollment has reached a 15-year high. Enrollment numbers are estimated to be up this year by 2.1 percent, according to University Communications.

The number of first-time freshmen increased by 113 students compared to fall 2009. Enrollment numbers are up for graduate students and transfer students, as well. The increase in students has swelled individual colleges.

“The College of Natural Resources experienced an increase in enrollment of 7 percent and the College of Education and Human Resources is up by 8 percent,” said Kelly Bartling, manager of news for University Communications.

Bartling said the rise in the number of students may be attributed to the bad economy and students looking for valuable degrees.

“They are looking for a brighter future instead of just focusing on where they will have the ‘best time,’” she said. “Both parents and students want to make practical decisions about college because of the economy.”

The enrollment boost may also be because of the extra recruiting efforts of the Office of Admissions during the 2009-2010 academic school year.

The selective purchasing of names from both the ACT and SAT last year made recruiting more students easier, said Pat McBride, associate dean of admissions.

“We were selective in who we contacted when recruiting,” he said. “Our recruiters were taught how to manage time so they could maximize recruiting efforts with students.”

One advantage McBride mentioned was the participation of the entire university in recruiting efforts.

“The staff, ambassadors and student hosts are always willing to talk to potential students and help them with anything they need,” McBride said.

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